Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to Thrifty Treasures!

Welcome to Thrifty Treasures. They are located here in O'fallon Illinois. This place Is awesome! there was so much cool stuff in here that I thought would be neat to have and it was all decently priced stuff! I didn't get anything in there this time, I was mostly just snooping around to see what they had since I had never been in there before. This place was loaded with some really cool vintage-y items. The people there seemed pretty nice too. I highly recommend this place. You will find all sorts of wonderful things in there and I will definitely be stopping back by again!

Thrifty Treasures

Here is another picture of the store front. It's not a very big place but they do have quite a bit of cool things in here. Definitely worth the stop.
Thrifty Treasures

As soon as you walk in the door I noticed this small Mid Century Modern End Table or Bed Table that I thought looked pretty cool and it was only $45 which isn't bad. I also saw this 50s-ish Dinette set with all 4 chairs and leaf included. I didn't catch the price on that one but it looked pretty neat.

Mid Century Bed Table50s Table and chairs

In the back rooms I noticed these green mid century chairs stacked up on the top of a shelf. I also saw these white and black mid century Dinette chairs on another shelf that I really liked but I didn't feel like getting them down to see how much they were or the makers on either of these sets of chairs. I looked on the bottoms from where I was standing but I couldn't make out who made them.

Mid Century ChairsMid Century Dinette chairs

Here is some wild pink things that I saw in there! That whole set of bowls and cups and the pitcher and serving dish was in really good condition and although it was all plastic and too pink for my tastes, It was only $35 for the whole set! What a deal! I also thought that this turquoise fan and pink hair dryer were pretty neat too. I'm not sure if they worked but the fan was $15 and the hair dryer was only $5. Not a bad deal for either of those.

Mid Century Dining Set50s Fan and Hair Dryer

In the back rooms I also noticed this 50s baby seat which I'm not sure how much it was and there was this pretty interesting Broiler/Food warmer that I thought was pretty neat. It was only $35 and it looks like it needed a good home and a new coat of paint. I'm not sure I would actually use it to cook food in either.

50s Child seatBroiler and Warmer


  1. Oh geeez! Forget about it! With prices that good, I'd blow a few hundred and be able to score everything I need to complete my Atomic Ranch House!!

    I'm so freakin' jealous of people who can get this stuff at great prices!! =D Damn you, damn you all to hell!

    Just kidding, it's a line from the movie "Planet of the Apes" lol...

  2. it is amazing to see such a cool store...loved the post

  3. Atomic Rance - I wish I had a few hundred to blow on this cool stuff! I would bring home tons of sweet stuff! lol

    Sudha - I know! this place is pretty awesome! I definitely recommend going there I just wish it was closer to me so I could go there more often!