Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ginger Shop (A new Antique Shop w/ Some Mid Century Stuff!)

Welcom to The Ginger Shop. It is located over in O'fallon Illinois and it's a pretty cool place! My girlfriend and I stumbled upon this little place on accident and boy was it a great place to just stumble upon! There were a lot of cool things in the place that I liked! unfortunately, I'm still a poor college student, so I couldn't afford to buy anything in there. The prices were pretty decent though. Nothing was too far out of reach for me and I definitely recommended visiting this place! You might find something awesome that I may have over looked! Hit the jump for more pictures!

The Ginger Shop

As soon as I walked int he door, I saw this totally awesome Chromcraft Table and chairs w/leaf for sale. It was only $80 for the set! Not bad, but I quite like my Chromcraft set that I bought a month ago better. Still, I think this set would look fantastic in someone's kitchen! Also when I walked in the door, I saw these pretty awesome vintage chairs sitting there. I think they look pretty cool, but could've gone for a much nicer re-upholster if you ask me. The vinyl on them was kinda old and sticky. I think those chairs were somewhere between $20-30 which is a pretty good deal!

Chromcraft Table + Chairs + Leaf50s Atomic Chairs

Here we have a Danish Modern dresser that was in excellent shape and it had a glass top on it which I thought was pretty cool! It was only $100 which is not bad considering, but I didn't need it. There was also this Mid Century Buffet in there which looked pretty interesting but it isn't the best one I've ever seen. I don't remember how much it was.

Danish Modern DresserMid Century Buffet

Here are 2 interesting chairs that I noticed in there too. They were both priced at $50 each and I think they looked pretty radical. I like the orange one the best even though they were both confortable. I just like the orangeness and the feel of the orange one over the whitish one. They were pretty good prices on both of them but I didn't need them.

Retro ChairRetro Chair

In the back room I saw this cool 70s china cabinet that appealed to me but it was looking a little rough and I didn't really want to that badly. I'll save my pennies for another better more radical looking one. I didn't catch the price on that one either but I'm sure it wasn't too expensive. The back room is where all of their bargain items are. I also saw this Sweet Mixmaster back in there. There was not price on it yet but it looks a lot like My White One I picked up a few days ago. My white one is slightly different and it is in better condition that this one.

Mid Century China CabinetSunbeam Mixmaster

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  1. Thanks for posting your finds. Your GF is lucky.