Friday, March 18, 2011

Thrift Store Friday! (Bought that Green plastic chair I saw last Saturday!)

Here we are! It's Friday! I've been cooped up at work all day I needed to get out and so I took my valuable lunch hour and made it to 4 local thrift stores today! There wasn't very much notable stuff but I did see a couple gems including a mysterious table and 2 chairs that looked similar to the Broyhill Brasilia chair and table Mr. Modtomic saw a few days ago over here. I know they probably aren't but They looked similar. Anyways, Here are the Goods!

We will start with the aforementioned table and chairs that I spotted at a local thrift store. It looks pretty sweet and was pretty cheap too! Only $35! The only downside was that it only had 2 chairs that went with it and I have no room for another table and chairs so I left it. I like my Chromcraft table and chair better anyway. I'm not sure who the maker is so If you know please inform me so that I too may be blessed with this knowledge too!

Danish modern Table and Chairs

Danish Modern ChairDanish Modern Chair Bottom

Here is a pretty neat End Table that was $3 and a sweet Industrial looking retro metal desk for $30! It was in excellent condition and looks great! It was also a really great deal! You can't buy a new desk for that price and quality anymore these days! I do prefer the wood styled desks as opposed to these metal ones but this one did have a pretty interesting door disguised as 3 drawers on the left side of the 3desk.

Mid Century EndtableIndustrial Desk

Here we have some other odds and ends that I saw today. I saw this pretty cool table for $40. It was a bit too much for my liking and I don't need another table anyways. There was also that chair for sale for $3 but I didn't want it and I didn't catch the maker on either of those. I also saw these cool colored mugs in there but I didn't see a price and usually that kind of stuff in really cheap in there. I didn't need those either so I left them. I also saw these Raffiaware Thermo-Temp dessert bowls at another shop for $2.75 but I don't need them so I left them.

Retro TableRetro Mugs

Raffiaware Thermo-Temp

And the one thing one thing I bought today was this green plastic chair that I saw last Saturday! I was thinking about going back and getting it all week and I decided to ask how much it was while I was in there! The lady said it was only $3! THREE DOLLARS! again I was in shock and couldn't resist that price! Sure its a little beat up and needs to be cleaned up a bit, but It was so cheap! I don't really have a need for this so I may re-sell it. If I do decided to sell it, Then I will post it for sale on my Monday News Update! Chance are yes, but I may change my mind this weekend.

Green Egg Shell Chair


  1. Glad to see there is still mid-century stuff to be found in Thrifts!

  2. The chair is a super find at $3, nothing beats getting a vintage prize and a story to go with it... the chair that almost got away!

  3. Atomic Ranch House - I know! It's fun to go see if there is any mid century goodness lurking at the local thrifts!

    DearHelen - Yea! I know I didn't need another chair but that chair needed a new home and for only $3 I couldn't resist!

  4. I have the same habit you do--always scouring local thrift stores for cool mid century items. That dining set you posted (the one where it has only 2 chairs)--I just bought those chair this past week. There were 6 chairs, no table, total $30. I reupholstered them & cleaned up the wood w/ a product called Wood Restore--amazing stuff! I would love to know who the maker is too or where they came from if you find out. My website is (I'm not promoting anything, not a business, just a girl who loves this stuff!) So glad I came across your blog! My Email is if anyone knows who made those chairs/table.