Saturday, March 5, 2011

How I Got Started

       So I must say this blog has been inspired by Mr.Modtomic. He has deeply inspired me in the field of Atomic Era/ Mid century Modern Era. I've always admired the styling of the 50s 60s and 70s but it wasn't until recently that I realized I had a substantial weakness for the beauty that came out of those eras. It all started a long time ago when I was at boarding school. Somebody had thrown away what appears to be a Saarinen Style Office chair but to this day I haven't been able to successfully identify It but I'm pretty sure its just a vintage knockoff. I love that chair though and I use it every day as my computer desk chair. Here is that wonderful desk chair!

       However, what really got me hooked on this Mid Century Modern coolness was when I walked into a local thrift store about a week ago and layed my eyes upon what I thought was a 70s dinette table and chairs in faux brown leather and chrome legs. 
       It was beautiful. At that moment I knew I had to have it. I couldn't resist. I wanted so bad to own that dinette set. I just instantly fell in love with it. The way it shined. The way the chairs leaned back. The grooves in the Leather. Everything about that dinette set was calling out to me. I asked the lady at the counter how much the chairs were and she told me that there was a table out back that went along with them and after talking to her husband she told me it was all $30. I couldn't believe It. I was so excited! I knew I would soon be able to have this wonderful dinette set! Unfortunately I only had $10 on me. The lady informed me that she would hold it for me as long as I made it back by 4:30. I looked at my watch and it read 3:35. That gave me 55 minutes to rush to my dads office at the local community college to borrow $20 and successfully convince him that I needed this Dinette set and that there was indeed room in the house for it. He reluctantly said yes and lent me some bucks. I rushed back to the thrift store with 10 minutes to spare and they helped me bring the stuff out to my car. 
       I was then faced with the challenge of carefully cramming the approximately 5' round table and 3 chairs into my compact Scion xb. with the help of a handy dandy screwdriver I took to base off the table and was barely able to fit it all into my car. When I got home I put the table back together and then my dad and I rolled it down to the basement where it now resides all polished up and is currently being used to put some puzzles together. As soon as I brought it home I had to know more about It! I looked at the bottom of the chairs and they said Chromcraft and I searched the internet high and low to find out more about my purchase and I could never find another exact match of the table and chairs anywhere. I did manage to find a few similar Chromcraft chairs but the bases are slightly different and the curvature of the chair tops are different. After searching and searching I came across Mr. Modtomic's blog and I love it! I read his posts everyday and he has inspired me to look for the remnants of these lost eras at yard sales and thrift stores whenever I visit them. He has a wonderful blog and wonderful taste in the lost eras of the past and I thank him for his blog because I can now experience the findings of other people who appreciate this styling. People just don't know what they are missing out on. Here is the Chairs and Table sitting in my basement now.


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