Monday, March 28, 2011

Lets Do the News!

Hello! I hope everyone's weekend was great! Mine was pretty good. I went to a bunch of places this weekend, but I didn't get very much stuff. I bought an old set of 10 full size Brunswick bowling pins for $1 so I may make some lamps out of them. That will give me a pretty good weekend project. I also saw some Ero Saarinen by Knoll chairs at a little shop around here but there was no price on them and I wasnt sure if they were really Knoll. I looked them up on the internet when I got home to see if I could find them. I knew they were Era Saarinen styled but I'm not positive if they are Knoll chairs. I will have to go back and see maybe later this week. I ask how much they want for them and if I can afford them. I hope they are really cheap! :D Hit the jump for another picture!

Here is a picture of the similar ones I found on eBay: you can find the ad here. The ones I saw had the same metal legs and were a deeper red. They were also a faux leather instead of this fabric.

I really hope these babys are cheap! I won't get my hopes up though. These people may know what they have.


  1. Oh, dude! You gotta strike while the iron is hot! What if you go back and they are gone?!?! Then you ask what they were asking for them and They Were Cheap!?!? I hope they are still there. Look on the bottom for a materials tag or a small 1" by 2" red white and black sticker with the word "knoll" on it.

  2. I know! I have to go down there ASAP! I hope I can get there and they are still there and cheap! I remember a while back I did buy 2 ps3 controllers in there for $10 each and that was a really good deal so I just hope these chairs are really Knoll and a good deal too! I'll try to find some time to head down there this week! I'm really hoping nobody goes in there and knows what they are!