Saturday, March 12, 2011

Local Thrift Store Finds

I stopped at some local Thrift stores yesterday to see what they had in stock. I bought some really cool items and I got some good deals but there were some things that I just decided to pass on due to lack of room and budget. There are about 6 thrift stores in my local area and This is all the really noteworthy stuff that I could find. Hit the jump for more pictures!

I saw this cool Mid Century Table with drawers at a local consignment shop for $150 but that was a bit too much for my liking so I passed. I really did like it and I think it would make a magnificent Flat panel TV Stand but the price was just too out of my reach. It was in excellent condition too!
Mid Century Table

This is my pride and joy of the whole past 2 days! I bought 3 small Salem North Star bowls and one Side plate at the local Salvation Army! I bought the 2 bowls on the right on Friday during my lunch break for 19¢ each and I was stoked! So I went back there this morning to see if I could find any more North Star and I found the side-plate and slightly worn 3rd bowl. This time I paid 29¢ each for the plate and bowl so the grand total on those was only 96¢ for all four! What A deal!!

Salem North StarSalem North Star

Next up we have some Flour Coffee and Tea bins. I bought the 2 green ones at the same salvation army and the blue flour one at a different store. I also got the 2 7up Glasses at the same Salvation army for 39¢ each and the red-orange cup at another thrift store. I think the 7up Glasses would make great flower vases!

Flour Coffee Tea7up The Uncola

I noticed this green egg shell chair at a new thrift sore in town but there was no price on it and I didn't ask. I presume it was there for trying on shoes but I'm not sure. I think they would have sold it to me if I asked but I don't particularly need it so I just decided to leave it be.

Green Egg Shell Chair


  1. $150 for that dresser is a good price, all things considered. Or maybe I live in an expensive area ha ha.

    Yeah, thrift stores are funny about selling things without prices, aren't they? =/

  2. Yea you are right about that dresser... It was a pretty good price but unfortunately I am a poor college student. If I had more money and was looking for a nice TV stand I would probably have really considered buying it.

  3. That's cool... I bought a lot of my vintage stuff while on a college budget lol... Back when the stores around here had good stuff...

    Then one day you score that great job that has nothing to do with the college courses you took, and you can buy $150 dressers and not think twice. =D

  4. Love your finds, bought and left for someone else to love. We used to live in Lee's Summit MO and I think Missouri has some of the BEST vintage shopping around.

  5. 1950's Atomic - Yea i love buying stuff on a budget! it really keeps me from over buying stuff and keeping all the deals to myself but when I get myself a better paying job I'm definitely going to get some more of the higher priced items! :D

    Helen - Thanks! I'm glad there are people out there who enjoy seeing what I have to find!

  6. Great find on the North Star. That stuff isn't easy to find. You can totally build a nice set like this though...a piece or three at a time. And cheap too. Just don't give into the temptation to "complete" the set by going through eBay, unless you have the $$$ to throw around.

    The buffet is priced about right for this area. It might be worth a lot more if it's got a big name to go with it. Did you see a maker mark on it? Stuff like that sells for much bigger $ in Chicago.

  7. Yea! I was so excited to find that North Star! I think it looks amazing! I don't plan on buying much of anything through ebay. I quite like the thrill of the hunt if you know what I mean. If there is that one thing that I really really need though I may have to resort to it.

    And so thats what that thing is called! A buffet! I never knew what to call those things but I'm glad I know now! I will have to go back and see if it's still there and whether or not it has any big names on it.