Thursday, May 12, 2011

Merry-Go-Round Bar (A Jigger in a Jiffy)

First of all, I would like for everyone to know that I am back! No I didn't go anywhere but I needed to take a break from blogging for a week since it has been really stressful lately and super busy. It is exam week this week and since things have slowed down significantly, I am once again able to continue my posts and will strive to continue my One Post Per Day goal that I set earlier. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf since I am a pretty lazy person and I hate being lazy because it causes so much stress at the last minute (Especially in college).

Anyways, Back to the post. I stopped in a local thrift store that I have been in numerous times and found this little gem tucked in the corner dusty and unloved. I never noticed it before but I knew it looked really cool and I needed to have it. It's a 1950's Merry-Go-Round liquor bar. It is made by a company called "Park Industries, Inc." But I've never heard of them before. It is amazingly complete and has the original box that came with it. I think this thing is really cool looking and would look great in a Mid-Century inspired room. I wish I could keep it even though I don't drink alcohol but I will probably be selling it to make a bit of extra money for college. Here is the same exact one on eBay for $115 buy it now and I don't even thing that one has the original tag or box to go with it. I will let you know on Monday what the status of this thing is. I will probably start by putting it on craigslist. Anyways, Hit the jump for more pictures!


Here is the liquor bar compared to the size of my Ipod Touch. It's not a very big Liquor bar and it looks pretty cool just sitting there. There are no flaws in this thing and all functions properly. Even the rubber seal on the bottom of them pump isn't cracked or aged. The tag is in excellent condition as well and I'm pretty sure this thing was never used.


Here is the box. All of the cardboard that holds the glass is still in there and in pretty good condition minus one tear on it. The outside box however is still in excellent condition and the label is in decent condition and is about to fall off. There is some tape on there that someone used to put it back on but that has lost its stickiness as well. Regardless, it is still there and in pretty good condition. I like the little saying on the label though that says "A Jigger in a Jiffy."

All five of the liquor glasses are there and they are in excellent condition with no chips  or blemishes. I really like the roundness of the little glasses. and the liquor bottle is pretty neat-o looking as well. I really like the look of this thing all together and it will be hard to let go but I need to not get emotionally attached to things. I do need to clean them all up a bit though.


Here is the pump with the tag still attached to it. The pump is in excellent condition with no blemishes and the tag is not damaged either. I like the gold color and I think it looks good with the whole set. The pump will probably need cleaned if you are going to use this but that should be relatively simple to do. Again, the rubber seal is in really good condition as well.



  1. Sweet deal!

    You say this a lot: "hit the jump for more photos" and I have no idea what or where "jump" is?? I've been wondering! :)

  2. 1950's_ atomic - haha well i'm referring to that "read more" link when I say that. Perhaps I will start saying "Click read more" to see more pictures instead. Thanks for the input :)

  3. the original box u mean!!! how cool is that

  4. I just bought this exact decanter and I'm completely infatuated with it! I was heartbroken to find out that the pump is not working, though. Otherwise it seems to be in mint condition. I'm very curious -does your pump work?

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