Saturday, March 26, 2011

$1 Box of Stuff

So I went to one of my local thrift stores yesterday afternoon and found this little box of goodies! It said one dollar on the box and so I decided to get it. What's one dollar right? Buried under what looked like years of caked on dirt that had plagued this box of melamine dinner-ware was a small stash of vintage Melmac and Mallo-Ware goodness! This stuff its really good quality and what I have read is that these were made around the 60's. This is some really sturdy stuff! I love it but unfortunately I may have to part with these wonderful items. In all there were 52 pieces in this box. The box included 2 plates and a Salem Biscayne pattern Saucer in the bottom. I threw the 2 plates away because they were really dirty and I couldn't get them clean. They only cost me 2¢ each so it wasn't any big loss. Anyways, here it what came in the box! Hit the jump for more pictures.

$1 Box of Stuff

Here we have some classic brown Melmac Bowls and Cups. I'm pretty sure that Melmac is some top of the line stuff when it comes to Melamine Resin Dinnerware. There are 15 fruit bowls, 5 cereal bowls, 7 mocha cups, and 1 creamer dish. Sorry for the blurry picture on the right, I haven't quite perfected my hallmark picture taking.

Melmac Bowls & CupsMelmac

Here are some more Melmac Cereal bowls and saucers. The purple bowls I will be keeping because I really like the color purple and they are a bit bigger than the brown cereal bowls in the above pictures. There are 5 Purple bowls and 4 saucer dishes. Again, sorry for the blurry picture on the right

Melmac Bowls & SaucersMelmac Cereal Bowl

Here are some other items, The green Saucer and Cup only have the marking "7403" on it so I don't know who made them. The orange and yellow cups are Mallo-Ware and are really nice. I might keep those 2 as well. The blue cream dispenser also has no markings on it other than "42 1" so I don't know who made those. The brown cup is unknown but the lid says Tupperware. I don't think they go together. The right picture has 3 different color bowls and 2 matching saucer plates made by Mallo-ware.

DSCN1966Mallo-Ware Fruit Bowls & Saucers

This is what I found at the very bottom on the box. It is a Salem Biscayne pattern Saucer Dish. It is in great condition as is the rest of the Melmac and Mallo-ware. What a deal for only $1!
Salem Byscane Saucer


  1. Score! My Aunt Bette had orange Melmac forever and I always thought it was ultra cool, even back then.

  2. Wow! I would say that was a dollar well spent.

  3. Dear Helen - Orange Melmac would be so awesome! the brown is an ok color...

    Sudha - lol thanks I think its wonderful too!

    Krazy4Mod - I would say a dollar well spent too! can't beat less than 2¢ each on those pieces.

  4. Nice find!! Melmac and similar brands have so much mid century character. I have a bunch of Boonton pieces for our 1962 Shasta camper, but I didn't get it for a dollar!

  5. Boonton is some sweet stuff! and it definitely goes well with your camper! I remember when I was smaller we would use stuff similar to this when we went camping! My dad says we still have it somewhere. Who knows where it is though lol

  6. I know! My dad asked me why I bought it all and I told him I couldn't resist that bargain!