Thursday, May 5, 2011

1960's Vintage Club Aluminum Pots (Loving the 60's Brown Brownishness)

First off, Sorry for not posting anything in a few days, but unfortunately this is literally the last week of classes and I've been diligently working on late assignments and trying to pack up my room and move stuff. It's been quite a hectic week lately but I'll just leave this post here.

I stopped in the local salvation army to snoop around and see if there were any wonderful items in there and wouldn't you know it! I stumbled upon some neat-o vintage Club Aluminum Pots and pan! I really really liked them and at $2 each, it was hard to pass these little gems up! I notified the girlfriend of the find before i spent more money on stuff and we agreed that they would be pretty sweet to have so I picked them up. I love the shiny-ness of the pots, but they didn't come like that at first. They were a bit dirty and blackened when I got them but thanks to the handy dandy internet I was able to determine the best way to clean them up. I boiled some water with high amounts of lemon juice in them to help alleviate the stains on the aluminum and remove any blackened areas and then I gave them a nice hot bath in the sink with more scalding hot water and lots-o-lemon juice. After letting them soak for a while I took out some steel wool and gently scrubbed any remaining troublesome spots. Whallah! they came out nice and shiny!

These pots are in surprisingly good condition considering how old they are and it is unfortunate that they are missing the lids but you know what? I sure don't care! I'm going to use the heck out of these Pots and Pan! I seasoned up the frying pan and it worked wonderfully the other day when i cooked me up an over easy egg. I really like the brown-ness and the cool looking design on the bottom. I wish I could have cleaned the frying pan up a bit more but it was obviously the most used and abused of the bunch but it has a very long life ahead of it in my hands. :) Hit the jump for more pictures!





  1. awesome cool!! i dont knw why i dont see such beauties on my hunts

  2. Wow, they look brand new! Great rehab job!

  3. Sudha - I think they are super cool too! And I'm sorry you don't see these things on your hunts, But I'm sure you will eventually :)

    Elementary - I'm very pleased on how well they turned out! I really like the shiny aluminum on them as opposed to the blackened aluminum before I cleaned them.

  4. sudha - Hopefully you will find some beautiful pots like these someday!

    Elemental - I know! I'm surprised that they came out some shiny and clean after the lemon bath!

  5. Have you ever learned their date? I just found 2 yellow saucepans with lids and the same bottom design at a garage sale and would love to date them and/or find out if they were a promo set.

  6. I have a yellow 7 set of this brand of cookware. And I have no idea what the brand name is! I've been searching everywhere. Does anyone know what brand this "e" cookware is?

  7. Brianj2525@gmail.comDecember 5, 2014 at 8:12 AM

    Would anyone like to sell any of these? I am looking for a set for my wife.

  8. Are they still for sale? How much? I am interested. Contact me at or Linda Dixon Springston on Facebook