Thursday, March 24, 2011

Retro Plastic Weave Cups (a.k.a. Burlap Pattern) + Holder

Today I brought out a set of eight retro yellow weave cups that my dad bought a while back at a yard sale for only $3. What a deal! These things are in great condition too. You just don't find cool things like this very often. These would be a great showpiece for a vintage kitchen and we used to have them sitting on the counter top until we ran out of room and had to stow them away. I pulled them out today because I thought it would be an interesting item to show you guys. I've only actually used these once for some milkshakes after my dad bought them but they have been residing in the cabinet for quite some time now. I needed to bring them out into the sunlight once again because they look so cool! The rack really makes them look even better! It's pretty awesome how sometimes you can find a complete set like this at a yard-sale for cheap! Hit the jump for the rest of the picture!

Retro Weave Cups

The yellow looks very 70's to me but I'm pretty sure they are older. There was also no makers mark on the cups anywhere so I don't know who made them. They really look pretty cool and would be great if you were to use them for an outdoor meal on some vintage patio furniture! I can see myself just sitting outside next to a vintage pool on a vintage pool chair with some green Astroturf on the ground around the pool drinking some delicious smoothies out of these cups! That would be great!

Retro Weave CupsRetro Weave Cups

I really like the way this cup rack looks with the bent metal to hold on the cups individually. Now that is some style! They sure don't make them like they used to!

Retro Cup RackRetro Cup RaK


  1. I've also seen these described as having a "burlap" pattern.


  2. Thanks! I couldn't think of that word so I just went with weave :P I'll update this post now!

  3. =) I see them all over eBay, that's how I know...

  4. When I was a kid my mom would get a piece each time she went to the grocery store. They also made the coffee cups (one of which I was so excited to find for a $at the thrift store. They also made the little dessert cups with a pedistal base. They came in all different colors. I would love to bring back some of my fond child hood memories by finding some more pieces to add to my one lonely little cup :)

  5. Aloha:

    A little more about these particular Thermo-Temp Thermoware Twelve Ounce Tumblers . . .

    And now I'd like to ask . . . Is the grip on the fixed base Thermo-Temp Thermoware Hostess Caddy bright white or creamy beige?


    Kailani Burke