Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to Steve's Antiques (Lot's of Stuff, Not too much Modern)

A couple weeks ago I stopped at a little place called Steve's Antiques with my girlfriend. You can find them here. I had never noticed this little place before and I thought it wasn't that big until my girlfriend and I were told there were 3 floors of stuff behind the blue door. I couldn't believe he said 3 floors! I thought it was just a dinky hole in the wall place and we were overwhelmed when we walked in there. This place is literally wall to wall Stuff! There is everything in this place and we couldn't take it all in at once. Most of the stuff in here was really expensive... so I haven't bought anything in there yet but I'm still looking for that gem! I've been in there 3 times and the last time was when I actually remembered to bring my camera. I still have not seen everything in the place. There is stuff stacked left and right! There are narrow passageways. And it's really dark in some spots due to lack of light so bring your flashlight! Make sure you hit the jump to see more pictures!

Steve's Antiques

Welcome to Steve's antiques! This place is a huge adventure! you never know what you are gonna find in here! Ive been 3 times and I still find new things. here is the building, it looks like its only 3 floors but it's actually 4! You cant go up to the fourth floor but there is actually another one in there. I didn't even notice the fourth floor until the 3rd time I went and took pictures.
Steves Antiques

Here I am standing on the second floor overlooking the first floor. As you can see there are vast amounts of stuff in here! Some old and some new. Who knows what's in here?

Overlooking 1st and 2nd FloorsOverlooking 1st and 2nd Floors

Here is a Hamilton Beach vintage milk shake maker. and there is a huge pile of stuff over there with a McDonald's sign in it.

Hamilton Beach MilkshakerFirst Floor

I liked all the Fiesta they had in here! It's all factory seconds but there are some nice pieces in there. It was all relatively cheap too. I might have to go back and get a couple of the best pieces.

Fiesta Factory SecondsFiesta Factory Seconds

Welcome to the Second Floor!

Here is the second floor, and as you can see, it is a very low ceiling! Not much Modern stuff on this floor but I noticed these old bar stools which I kinda liked. Too expensive for me though!

Second FloorSecond Floor

Bar Stools

Welcome to the 3rd Floor!

Here is the massive staircase that leads from the first floor to the 3rd floor. This staircase also breaks off halfway up and leads to the second floor. Over in the pile of furniture I see a Mid Century Corner end table! I wanted to look at it but I didn't want to climb on anything and tear it up. Next you can look down 2 of the aisles on the Third floor.

Leading to the 3rd FloorPile of Furniture on 3rd Floor

Third FloorThird Floor

This is an aerial shot of the whole Third Floor! I'm standing on the stairs that lead up to the fourth floor. There are about 8 aisles and 2 huge piles of stuff in the 2 corners near the stairs.

Third Floor3rd Floor

Third Floor

Up here on the third floor we have some 70's era chairs and some pretty big furniture. I see a 50's kitchen cabinet, some mid century end tables, a 60's-ish wardrobe and what looks like a 70s china cabinet?
70s ChairsKitchen CabinetModern End Table

Modern WardrobeModern Cabinet

Over here we find what could possibly be another good Mid Century TV stand. I'm not really sure what it really is though and its slightly beat up. I did see this pretty sweet looking parlor couch! I like the pinkness of it and it looks like an extended Saarinen chair! Awesome! I also saw this bed table in there too!

Odd Modern TableSmall Couch

Modern Bed Table

Up on the Third Floor I saw this Pepsi-Cola cooler and this Coca-Cola Cooler. There was also this 10' long Royal-Crown Cooler and that thing was on the Third floor!

Pepsi ColaCoca Cola

Royal Crown Cola Fridge


  1. Huh, looks like they've moved since I was there last. Last time the Girlfriend and I were there she plopped down in one of two Eames aluminum group lounge chairs and read a book while I poked through the joint. I guess that those were no where to be seen on your visit? I gotta get back there soon. Thanks for the updated walk-through!

  2. Really? Hmm... That's odd... I didn't know they weren't always there... but my grandma says that the place used to be just a furniture store called "McMackin Furniture" Which is probably why the interior layout of that building is so odd. If you look at the zoomed out picture of the building it still says "McMackin." I wish they still had those lounge chairs! Those would be cool to sit in!

  3. Man, I miss good old American antique/thrift/junk stores. I hear Germany has some, but finding them and figuring out when they're open is a challenge. I'll have to check out Steve's next time I'm in Salem, but it maybe a few more years.

  4. p.s. I like the "waterfall"-esque style wardrobe.

  5. Yea! I love being surrounded by them all the time over here! It's great! I wish the thrift stores were as good as they are in Virginia though. Those were the best. Yea they also had a matching dresser in there for that too but it wasn't in there this time around. I bet someone already bought it.