Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Update!

So I've been contemplating the layout of my blog in regards to the posts and I have decided that I will follow a guideline for each day of the week. I will implement this so that I will be able to deliver 1 post a day every day to you guys. This is a pretty big step for me considering that I am a pretty lazy guy. I would like to change that and it starts with this blog! I will strive to get my posts out every day because I want to provide you all with wonderful posts regarding the Mid-Century Modern/ Atomic Era goodness. Anyways, here is what I plan to accomplish for every day of the week:

  • Monday
    • News update 
    • This is where I will give weekend news or status updates or whether or not I intend on selling something. If I don't post It here, it's not for sale.
  • Tuesday 
    • Modernism around the Interwebs 
    • This is where I will post about different blogs or websites that I like based on their Modern/Atomic Styling)
    • I also may post craigslist ads or ebay listings of local or distant items of interest.

  • Wednesday 
    • New Café Press Design 
    • This is where I will rehash or make a new Mid-Century/Atomic Pattern and put it on Café Press on products that I feel go well with those eras
    • You can currently look at what I have on there at
    • Please let me give me some feedback on the Café Press stuff
    • I can always change stuff up or make new designs or adjust prices if you don't favor them too much
  • Thursday
    • Personal Item Day
    • This is where I will post an item from my personal collection or whatever my grandma has laying around that I find interesting.
  • Friday
    • Thrift Store Friday
    • This is where I will Travel around to all of the local Thrift stores to see if there is anything worthy of posting. I may find something, I may not, but I will always post something this day
  • Saturday
    • Yard Sale Saturday
    • This is where I will post my findings from the local yard sales and flea markets if I happen to go to any flea markets that day. In the event of there being no Yard Sales or flea markets, I will  hit up the Thrift Stores again or cruise through craigslist to find interesting items I may like.
  • Sunday
    • Antique Shop Sunday
    • This is where I will post pictures and info about new or previously visited antique shops and antique malls. I will try to go to one or possibly 2 every week if my schedule permits.


  1. Really creative with the cafepress designs! Good luck with the daily blog posts -started with a plan myself and quickly deteriorated into mayhem, every blog for itself model. Inspired to do better

  2. Wow, that's a hefty agenda to keep! I sometimes have trouble with just posting daily! Best wishes. I think you'll get lots of traffic with the format.

  3. Helen - Thanks! I really liked the North Star Design so I decided to make my own! I'm going to really try to do this schedule!

    Mr. Modtomic - I know it its quite a hefty schedule but I think I can get it done. Doing one good post a day is quite tough sometimes, but i think with a little devotion I can surely get it done. :)