Thursday, March 10, 2011

The South County Antique Mall is Huge!

So on Monday I went to the South County Antique Mall in Sappington, MO with my girlfriend. Their website is here. This is also the place that I bought that 1967 Black Chromcraft Chair that I posted the other day. Anyways this place was HUGE! Ive been in here before but that was before I got hooked on all the Mid-century/Atomic goodness. I remembered a few things they had in there from the last time but I was still really excited to go and see what they had in there! They had tons of stuff in there and we were probably walking around all the booths for at least 2 hours. My legs were hurting by the time we left but it was great! I wanted to buy so much stuff but I'm not exactly made of money. Ill save up and next time my dad and I go there I will probably get a few more things and definitely take more pictures! I can't wait! I think this was the biggest antique mall I've ever been in. Make sure to check out all the pictures after the jump!

This green chair looked fantastic sitting there! It wasn't the most comfortable chair thought and that fiberglass chair was pretty cool too and I liked that rug under it! There were also so orange GoGo boots in there last time I went that I remember.

Mid Century Modern Lounge ChairModern Shell Type Chair

This was some cool Mid-Century Modern Nail Art. I think it would look great on my wall but it was a tad bit expensive for my tastes. I also notices another egg shell chair and I kinda like that lamp on the floor next to it

Mid Century Modern Nail wall artEgg Shell Chair

I really liked this clock! I think it looked fantastic! I may have to get it next time I'm there if it is still there but unfortunately I think one of the hands was broken but I could probably fix it in no time. I really like the look of those numbers.

Mid Century Clock

Here are some other Booths and Items that I really liked. That end table was pretty sweet looking and I really liked the dishware in that one booth and the Honda Scooter and stover were pretty cool.

Mid Century Modern End TableVintage Dishware

50's StoveHonda Scooter


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