Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Around The Interwebs! (3/22/11)

Welcome to "Around the Interwebs!" Every Tuesday I will bring to you: one modern blog or website, one eBay ad and one Craigslist ad from all corners of the Internet. These are all things that I may find interesting or a good deal or just fun to look at but I hope you enjoy them too. First we will start with a blog of the day. Hit the jump for the eBay and Craigslist ads.

Blog of the Day

Welsome to Desire to Inspire. This blog is amazing! My sister (who currently lives over in Germany) pointed me to this fantastic blog. There is so much awesomeness bundled up in this blog! This blog has everything in it from modern day designs to all the retro era designs! I get all sorts of great ideas when  look at the things on this blog! I wish I could afford the wonderful things on this blog but all I can do is just look. I know you guys will love to look through this blog and they post new things every day! It's wonderful!!

Craigslist Ad of the Day

Here is a sweet Mid Century Floor lamp that I think looks pretty sweet. It's $80 and the guy says it's from the 60's. I would like to find one of these kinds of lamps some day I think they are pretty cool but even though $80 probably isn't too bad of a price, I can't afford it on my poor college student budget.

eBay Ad of the Day

Here is a pretty wild looking George Nelson Omni Cabinet. This thing is definitely sweet looking if you ask me. The only thing I don't like about it is those legs. If they were shorter and made out of wood, I would like it a lot better.  Other than that, I like the way it looks and would definitely like to have this sitting in my house. It's not too expensive considering the fact that newer furniture costs at least the same amount in some cases. This is a pretty sweet looking cabinet and I wish I could find one of these around here for really cheap!


  1. That is a sweet lamp. The cabinets look like they fit on a cado wall unit. They actually hang on the wall on brackets. My dream is to one day have a wall unit and a wall big enough to put it on. Great blog!

  2. You're right! those cabinets would look stellar mounted on the wall! That would make it look even better! and I really hope I can find a lamp like that at a yard-sale this spring/summer!

  3. Ooo could you post a link to that featured blog? I love looking at interior designs!

  4. There you go! I posted the link for "Desire to Inspire" up there. I guess I just forgot to post the link lol :P

  5. Hey wait those are my cabinets man! Can you post my picture of my cabinets on your page without my consent. heck yea I don't mind... btw the stand is just to elevate the cabinets. I also noted in my ad, that these would look great, if a designer could make a stand. So you can add plagiarism to that top comment as well. Dude ....Vintage_stash on ebay... please take a number, and thanks for the support...I'll be watching now. Just remember one thing, I have a full set mounted with poles. Mint

  6. Anonymous - Haha well I always cite my sources of where I find things for my posts. And I also checked out some more stuff over on your Vintage_Stash eBay and you have some pretty sweet stuff on there!