Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday News Update! (Green Chair for Sale)

   So the weekend was pretty good but I ended up not getting anything over the past few days. Hopefully I will find something awesome at the local thrift stores this week! wouldn't it be awesome to find another awesome Mid Century lounge chair like that Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Lounger i bought last week! I can only hope right?

   There weren't hardly any yard sales on Saturday which was a bit depressing. I saw one sign but I couldn't find the place. Oh well, hopefully there will be more next weekend and then I can buy some awesome vintage Items for cheap! This wasn't the best weekend for me but I did manage to visit some pretty cool places like that Thrifty Treasures place over in O'Fallon. That was probably the highlight of my weekend. The Belleville flea market wasn't the best on Saturday, but I did see some sweet stuff in the thrift stores surrounding Belleville so that day wasn't ruined. All in all, I just hope this next week will be better and I can find some more sweet deals!

  Hit the Jump for more info on the chair!

   I've also decided to sell that green plastic chair so if you would like to have it shoot me an offer and we can work out the details. I'm a pretty reasonable guy so I won't try to pull a fast one on you. Here are the stats on the chair:

  • The chair isn't in the best shape but it's in decent enough shape to use. 
  • I polished up the legs on it the other day to take off as much rust as I could 
  • The floor glides that were on it are all broken except for one and the 4th one is missing. 
  • The scratches on the chair can be buffed out with some acrylic buff if you want to get rid of them

Green Egg Shell Chair

I know the chair may sound like it isn't in the best condition but it's not too bad.  I like this chair but I don't really have the room for it and I could use some extra bucks since I'm a poor college student. If nobody wants it here I will post it on craigslist or possibly eBay so other people could have the chance to snatch it up. I just figure I will give my readers a early taste of what I have for sale. Shipping would be fairly simple since the chair can be disassembled pretty easily so that's not really a problem

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