Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Around The Interwebs!

Welcome to "Around the Interwebs!" Every Tuesday I will bring to you: one modern blog or website, one eBay ad and one Craigslist ad from all corners of the Internet. These are all things that I may find interesting or a good deal or just fun to look at but I hope you enjoy them too. First we will start with a blog of the day. Hit the jump for the eBay and Craigslist ads.

Blog of the day

Here we have a blog entitled: "Analog Dialog." I really like this blog. I think it is interesting. It is comprised of mostly pictures but It's what is in those pictures that is really cool. This blog has pictures of vintage cars from the 70s' and furniture from the 70s' and even entire rooms from the 70s'. This is like looking through a brilliant time capsule! I love looking at all the pictures and the Eames Chairs and the Knoll chairs and all the furniture and coffee tables and the beds and the lighting and the fireplaces in all the pictures. I love the layouts of all the different houses that they post on this blog. I love this blog and I think it is truly fantastic! I highly recommend bookmarking this blog because it is good fun to look at.

eBay Ad of the Day

He we have some "Mid Century Modern Danish Slipper Chairs" I think these chairs look pretty sweet if you ask me. I like the low slung seats with those slanted wooden legs. To me it just screams Mid-Century. I love it but maybe they would look a bit better in a different color so if I had them I would possibly get them reupholstered to my liking but I really do like the look of them. The seller doesn't give too much info about the chairs but he says there are no makers marks on them and the starting bid is at $400. Shipping is also approx. $177 so these wont be cheap. Regardless, I like the way they look.You can find the eBay ad here.

Craigslist Ad of the Day

I quite like this record cabinet I found over on craigslist. It's only $45 dollars which is pretty decent and I really like that door on the front and the way it folds down. I think that is pretty neat. It looks to be in pretty good condition too which is a plus. Its manufactured by "Lu Van Inc" but I have never heard of them before. That is probably because I just started with the fascination of Mid-Century/Atomic goodness. Anyways it's located somewhere in Chesterfield, MO and you can find the ad here.


  1. nice series....i like the way you charted out the blog posts and planned the entire week...:)

  2. Very nice blog! I would love a wall of chairs like that and wouldn't even mind dusting them :)

  3. Sudha - Thanks! I really think that this schedule will help me continue to deliver good posts every day!

    Krazy - I love those chairs too! I wish there was a couch to go along with it too!

  4. I have a Lu Van gossip table that you would love!