Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Future Antiques (TFA)

So I found this awesome little Vintage store thanks to Mr. Modtomic. The store is called TFA (The Future Antiques). Here is a link to their website. My girlfriend and I decided to go see this place yesterday and we were definitely in for a surprise! This Place was awesome! It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be and I loved everything they had in there! This place is definitely my favorite Vintage/retro store Ive been in so far! Everything was priced very fairly and I wanted to buy It all! Sadly I didn't get anything this time around but definitely next time! Anyways here are some of my favorite things I took pictures of:

I loved this Orange couch and the owner said that it slides out from under the corner table and can be turned into  2 single beds! how awesome is that?

This Mid Century Danish couch and chairs set was pretty wild looking. I don't know If I would want them in my house really but they looked pretty insane!


I really liked this couch and chair. I think they looked pretty cool but not too wild and crazy... It was pretty comfy too!

I really wanted this cabinet! It was so cool looking and I loved the sliding glass doors on the top! It was definitely a pretty rad piece but a tad out of my price range :(

There were a lot of these egg chairs sitting around and the pink ones swiveled. I favored the blue ones more though and they weren't all that expensive which was pretty nice. I didn't get any though I just didn't know what I would do with one.


Probably my favorite thing about TFA was the vast amounts of kitchen and dish ware! There was everything I ever wanted in that place and I saw some Salem North Star plates! Awesome! I wanted them but they were a bit too much for me this time around. But everything else in there was super awesome and I loved it all! My girlfriend bought a clear mug with 1/4 1/2 and 1 cup measurements on the side.


Here is all the other things that I found interesting in the place:




  1. I've never wanted to go anywhere more than I want to go to this store! Now if only I can convince my husband that a 5hr 20min drive isn't THAT far to go for a little retro goodness :)

  2. This is definitely my favorite Store that I have ever been in and I will gladly take your side on the fact that it is worth at least a 6 hour drive to go to this wonderful place for some retro-y goodness! :D Just tell your husband I said it's worth it! :P

  3. I'm pretty sure you and I were meant to be best friends or something? Maybe we're long lost twins? Anyone willing to drive 6hrs for one store is A-ok in my book :)

    I showed the Mr. pics of the store first and got him to see how cool it was. Then (without telling him where it is) I asked if we could go soon. He said yes. Then I told him it's 6hrs away. He gave me the "you're crazy" look. Thankfully, I always win :) As long as there are records or books for him to look through, he'll be fine!

  4. Why hello there my super awesome long lost best friend! :D Heck yes I would gladly drive that distance for this store any day of the week! I've been known to take long detours on road trips with my girlfriend before. We love taking random road trips to awesome places. I can't wait to go back to this place!

    That's a good tactic to use too! Just leave out some crucial info until after he has agreed to go with you. Oh and there is also a small room for records and what-not so tell him that! That should guarantee you a visit to this amazing place.