Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Around The Interwebs! (3/29/11)

Welcome to "Around the Interwebs!" Every Tuesday I will bring to you: one modern blog or website, one eBay ad and one Craigslist ad from all corners of the Internet. These are all things that I may find interesting or a good deal or just fun to look at but I hope you enjoy them too. As always, We will start off with the Blog of the day. Today I have also added a couple Eames Chair assembly videos to the line-up. I think you will really enjoy the Eames Chair assembly videos. They really make me want an Eames Chair even more! I will still have the Blog of the day, eBay ad of the day, and the Craigslist ad of the day. Hit the jump for the videos and ads.

Blog of the Day:

Welcome to Mid Century Modernist!  This place is great! There are so many things on this site that I have never seen before! Like this couch that I have posted below! How rad is that thing? I want one of those so bad now! That would be great for a small apartment! This blog is filled with all sorts of knowledge that I can learn from and sharpen my Mid Century identification skills. I've learned quite a bit from Mr. Modtomic and other blogs over the past few weeks and this website will definitely help boost my knowledge. You definitely need to go check this place out.

eBay Ad of the Day:

Here we have a pretty stellar looking Mid Century Couch on eBay. This thing is pretty cool I think. It's pretty expensive in my book but it does come with a chair that matches. I think this would look pretty cool in a living room but I can't afford the $1,650 starting bid this one has. I would like a more solid color on the pillows though If I had it. I really like solid color Mid Century furniture best. Sometimes like patterned stuff but mostly I'm a solid color guy. Much like that solid color green on the couch above.

Craigslist Ad of the Day:

Here we have a pretty sweet Mid Century Lounge Chair. It is $475 and it is made by Plycraft, inc. It is styled by a man named George Mulhauser. This chair does bear some likenesses to the Eames chair but this one has a slightly different appeal to it. Theses were supposed to have an ottoman to go with it but there is no mention of one in the ad. If you can't afford an original Eames chair but don't want a knockoff Eames chair, this may be the next best thing. It does look mighty comfortable!

Bonus Videos:

Original 1956 Debut video for the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

New Eames Lounge Chair being manufactured in the Vitra Atelier on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany.


  1. I sooooo want a mid century couch.

    But they are always expensive, offer no delivery, and almost never in the color I want on eBay. =(

    I envy people who seem to be able to walk into a local thrift store and find one for, say $100 grrr lol...

  2. Atomic Ranch - I know! I wish I could find such a cool couch like that at the local thrift stores some day! That would be so awesome! I do hate how they are always so expensive on eBay too :( sadness

    Rhan - I love those style of couches too! I love the angled armrests and the exposed wood on the front. They just look so cool and comfortable!

  3. I'm amazed sometimes by the prices on some of the mcm sofas I see on Ebay and other sites. However, many of these pieces are of such quality construction (unlike most new furniture) that the prices may be totally justified. I'm always on the hunt for the $100 sofa of my dreams.

  4. I'm with you on that one! I'll keep visiting all the thrift stores on the hunt for that fantastic $100 couch too! I hope someday soon I can get my hands on one! They are just so much better looking and higher quality than most current couches out there.

  5. WHERE IS THAT GREEN SLEEPER COUCH?! I went to the other blog, and cant find anything. GAH made my heart stop!