Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Chromcraft Chair

I bought this Chromcraft chair on monday at the South County Antique Mall in Sappington, MO. There website is here. I went there and the place was huge! I've been there before but I didn't see this chair before and I didn't have my camera. I will post More pictures of the South County Antique Mall tomorrow. Anyways, this Chair was in one of the booths in the very back. I don't remember what booth it was but as soon as I saw that chair and noticed it was $18 I knew I had to have it! I needed an extra Chromcraft chair for my older Chromcraft Dinette set and Even though this one doesn't match I don't really care. The chair Currently resides at my drafting table for now. I also included some comparison pictures of the different Chromcraft chairs. Check out all of the pictures after the Jump!

1967 Chromcraft Chair1967 Chromcraft Chiar

Here are the two chairs side by side. The brown one looks to be much older to me. I think that it may be some of the original Chromcraft line of Dinettes. The brown one also leans back and the black one doesn't.

Chromcraft ChairsChromcraft Chairs

Here are the bottoms of each of the chairs. 

Chromcraft Dinette Chair Bottom1967 Chromcraft Chair Bottom

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  1. Hi! I currently live in St. Louis, and I noticed this black chair on your blog. I am interested in buying it, would be be willing to sell it? babiixmagic@yahoo.com