Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrift Store Friday! (Got Some Deals!)

   Welcome to Thrift Store Friday where every week, I will bring to you all the things that I have found in my local thrift stores during the week! This week, I didn't buy much buy I did get some killer deals! That's what matters right? It's all about spending the least amount of money on those hidden vintage treasures! I love going to all the thrift stores to see what they have in stock! My lunch breaks have been mostly devoted to the thrift stores if I can squeeze them in. They are pretty addicting places. Anyways, here are the neat-o things that I found this week hittin' up the thrifts! Hit the Jump for more stuff!

   I saw these earlier on in the week at the local Salvation Army. They immediately caught my eye and they were only $14 each! I thought what a deal! They looked a lot like my black Chromcraft chair! Unfortunately, these were extremely cheap chairs. I mean cheap as in not very well made. They were too light weight and the upholstery felt thin and fragile. It was a immediate pass for me. Had they been legit Chromcraft I definitely would have got them, but I just didn't need those cheap barstools so I left them for someone else to buy.

Retro Bar Stools

   Also at the Salvation army I saw these Tea, Coffee, and Flower bins. They are only $4 for the whole set but I didn't really need them and they were a little beat up. Had it been complete with the sugar bin, I may have considered it, but They were just not in as good condition as I would have hoped. These aren't really my style either. I could really go for some bright red funky bins like the ones I saw at the St. Claire Antique Mall.

Retro Flour, Coffee, Tea Bins

The Good stuff (Purchases)

Here we have this sweet Sunbeam Mixmaster (Late 50's - 60's Model) that I picked up for only $3. Wow! what a deal! and it even has the small Fire-King bowl with it too! I'm on the lookout for the bigger bowl! Anyways, I saw this in another thrift and asked how much it was and when they said $3 I knew I was bringing it home. I saw a couple pink ones at the Belleville Flea Market last weekend for upwards of $20 so I figured it was a good buy. It had some old gunk on it when I brought it home so I cleaned it up and now it looks brand new! There are maybe 2 or 3 small chips in the paint near the joint but other than that this thing looks amazing! I have it in my kitchen now and it works great! I made some pudding with it last night to test it out. I'm definitely keeping this thing!

Sunbeam Mixmaster

   Here is the last thing that I bought. Before I tell you how much I paid for all of this, I'm going to give you a little story of why I came to buy these. Any other day and I would have walked past these tea cups without taking another look at them, but this week I didn't. The reason as to why I decided to buy these is because last weekend at the Belleville Flea Market, I accidentally broke a very expensive loaf pan made by Fire-King. The lady looked quite cross when the glass shattered, but I paid up for it like a good guy. That dish cost me $29 and it hurt to have to pay for it. Luckily I only broke the clear glass lid and not the bottom because the bottom is the most expensive part. I currently have that dish for sale on eBay over here. When I broke that dish, I didn't want anyone to know except for me and my girlfriend so that I could spare the embarrassment of my breaking an expensive dish.
   When I saw these teacups I looked at them and noticed that they looked like the same glass on the Fire-King dish that I broke so I picked them up and low and behold it was all Fire-King! I couldn't believe it! I thought to myself, I have redeemed myself for that broken dish! I decided I need to get these so that I could make up for that expensive broken dish, but I couldn't believe how much all 14 pieces were! It was all only $2! Only $2 and I couldn't believe it. Had I not broken that dish at the flea market, I never would have know what Fire-King was! That experience opened my eyes to even more retro dish-ware that I had never known of before. When I brought the dish up to the counter the lady was surprised that they were selling Fire-King for so cheap! She brought the guy who priced it to the front to show him what it was and to make sure he doesn't price Fire-King that cheaply any more. She said it was okay this time and that she was still going to sell it to me for $2 but I have a feeling that will be the last cheap Fire-King to walk out of there.
    I'm not much of a Fire-King fan, but I had to get this stuff. They are 1960's Vintage and there are 3 different patterns that I got; 4 tulip sets, 2 Daisy sets, and 1 Rose set. I will be selling them all except for 2 Tulip sets because those are my girlfriends, favorite flower. :) If you want them, Shoot me an offer! They are in excellent condition! No Scratches to the paint or any visible scratches to the glass.

Fire-King Tea Cups + SaucersFire-King Tea Cup + Saucer

Fire-King Tea Cup + SaucerFire-King Tea Cup + Saucer


  1. One of the best deals I got, was my pink Sunbeam Mixmaster. $2.50. Don't find deals in my area, and that was at least 10 years ago. =)

    Yup, pass on the barstools. One reason I buy vintage, is the quality.

  2. OMG - my mom had that mixer FOREVER! (well until my friend and I burned the motor out making divinity - but it was oooooold then) And those canisters, our family had those in turquoise before they had me (then we had them to put toys in, my brother says he still has one). Ahhh, what great memories - and great finds.

  3. Atomic Ranch - I love that mixer! I just bought another set of clear mixer bowls that fit it today at a local thrift store for about $6 so now I have 3 bowls! Yay! I'm glad I passed on those bar stools too. They weren't worth my money really.

    Dear Helen - Its quite a sweet looking mixer! I'm glad I bought it! I hope I don't burn this one out. Lol thats pretty funny. It's crazy how these kinds of things stir up memories like that!