Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Clair Antique Mall (Neato Stuff!)

So the other day my girlfriend and I ventured over to another Antique mall over in Fairview Hieghts, Illinois called St. Clair Antique Mall. You can find it Here. Anyways, we had ventured to this place before but we only got through half of it because it closed at 5pm. This is a pretty cool place and we did buy 3 things! There were also some really interesting items that I liked but I decided to pass on them this time. Curse you lack of higher paying job! I Did bring my camera to take pictures of the wonderful things but the battery died halfway through and I had to resort to using my camera phone to take pictures. Next time I go back I will definitely bring more batteries.Sorry for the slightly not-so-great pictures in here. Hit the jump for the rest of the Pictures!

St. Clair Antique Mall

I really liked these Sugar and Flour holders and I'm still debating whether or not I should go back and get them and I really need an alarm clock but I want a flip clock more than this neato looking "Realistic" Clock.

Lustro Sugar and FlourRetro Clock

Here are an assortment of tables and Chairs that I saw in there. I really like all of them but my favorites are definitely the egg shell chairs! The were pretty comfy! All of these were relatively inexpensive.

60s Mid Century ChairsVintage Table and Chairs

50s Style Table and Chairs

Here is an interesting TV! It is a "JVC Videosphere" How crazy is that? I think it looks pretty wild! There was also this kinda cool mid century lamp in there.

JVC VideosphereMid Century Table Lamp

There was quite a bit of dishware in this place but my favorites would definitely be those orange polka dot glasses! There were 6 of them and not too expensive!

Polka Dot GlassesRetro Weave CupsMid Century Scotch + Bourbon DispensersMid Century Glass Tote


  1. I've seen those TVs sell for cheaper on eBay ;)

    It's too bad antique malls charge as much as they do when you can get better deals on eBay, and have a MUCH larger selection.

    I think this is why so many antique malls have closed in my area. Prices charged are something like 10-20X higher than eBay. And in this economy, I want the most mid-century bang for my buck!

    Flip clocks are common on eBay too, I almost got one myself a while back. =)

  2. P.S. I am quick to add, not all my purchases on eBay, or "greedbay" have been great, but over-all, still the best deals in town. =)

  3. Yea I looked on ebay for that TV too... You are right most of the stuff in antique shops is outrageously overpriced. I can't afford to pay those prices. Some of the stuff is a pretty good price though and I do buy stuff from time to time. I may just get a flip clock off ebay if I can find a pretty cool one for a decent price. Without Antique shops though, I would never really know have of the stuff I know now! I get to feel the stuff for myself and see how it is to sit in if its a chair and for that I like them.

  4. My take on the price of the TV: When I clicked through to see the larger pic I was taken aback, but here's the can closely examine this piece and you can negotiate with the seller more easily. You might even be able to do some old fashioned horse trading for it, where as on eBay you can't.

  5. Oh, and the polka dot glassware...isn't that a Russel Wright design?

  6. That is true, but i wouldn't really waste my time unless it was something I was dying to have! Like maybe an Eames chair, but I just don't think that TV would come down very much regardless. Then again, It always depends on what the item in question is though and how far you are willing to go for it.