Friday, May 20, 2011

Howell Dinette Set (Too Bad I Like My Chromcraft set too Much)

I stopped in a goodwill while out browsing around for a new apartment and my girlfriend and I stumbled upon this little beauty! It is a wonderfully comfortable Howell Dinette Set w/ table and 4 chairs. The chairs were superbly comfy and I really enjoyed sitting in them. I really liked the funkiness of them and the whole set was only $80. Although I could probably resell it for more, there just simply is no room for it right now. I also really love my Chromcraft set far too much to trade it out for this one. I really liked those roller wheels on the bottom of the chairs. Those sphere rollers work amazingly on carpet and never scratch the floors. Click "Read More" for more pics!


Friday, May 13, 2011

A Mr. Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin (Spotted out in the wild)

I stopped at the St. Clair Antique Mall again about a week ago and too my surprise I spotted this fantastic looking Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin lounge chair in there! It most definitely wasn't in there last time. This one is in pretty decent condition but not nearly as good condition as my 100% original Yellow Milo Baughman chair that I bought a couple months ago for $20.  This one is in a black vinyl and it was a little beat up on the back but it was definitely a usable chair. The wood on this one was a bit more worn than mine but all in all this black one was in pretty decent shape. I was pretty stunned to see another Milo Baughman chair in person so soon to me buying mine. This one makes me want to keep mine even more! I definitely prefer mine over this one. Mine has a much more cozy feeling than the black leather one I think. The burnt yellow colored wool fabric on mine is superb and I can't get enough of it! The one thing that blew me away with this black one was that it was a whopping $1200. I was stunned since I only paid $20 for mine. Man was I lucky! Click "read more" for more pictures. I was in a rush so I only snapped a couple.

Here is the chair and as you can see, the wood is a bit more worn and slightly dinged up. Mine is in a bit better condition. Is the $1200 price tag justifiable though? Not for me it isn't! I love my Milo Baughman chair and would take mine over this one any day! I still do have a soft spot in my heart for this chair though even at its crazy price. I liked how there was a sign that said "do not sit" posted on it. I totally would have sat in it if there was no sign.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Merry-Go-Round Bar (A Jigger in a Jiffy)

First of all, I would like for everyone to know that I am back! No I didn't go anywhere but I needed to take a break from blogging for a week since it has been really stressful lately and super busy. It is exam week this week and since things have slowed down significantly, I am once again able to continue my posts and will strive to continue my One Post Per Day goal that I set earlier. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf since I am a pretty lazy person and I hate being lazy because it causes so much stress at the last minute (Especially in college).

Anyways, Back to the post. I stopped in a local thrift store that I have been in numerous times and found this little gem tucked in the corner dusty and unloved. I never noticed it before but I knew it looked really cool and I needed to have it. It's a 1950's Merry-Go-Round liquor bar. It is made by a company called "Park Industries, Inc." But I've never heard of them before. It is amazingly complete and has the original box that came with it. I think this thing is really cool looking and would look great in a Mid-Century inspired room. I wish I could keep it even though I don't drink alcohol but I will probably be selling it to make a bit of extra money for college. Here is the same exact one on eBay for $115 buy it now and I don't even thing that one has the original tag or box to go with it. I will let you know on Monday what the status of this thing is. I will probably start by putting it on craigslist. Anyways, Hit the jump for more pictures!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

1960's Vintage Club Aluminum Pots (Loving the 60's Brown Brownishness)

First off, Sorry for not posting anything in a few days, but unfortunately this is literally the last week of classes and I've been diligently working on late assignments and trying to pack up my room and move stuff. It's been quite a hectic week lately but I'll just leave this post here.

I stopped in the local salvation army to snoop around and see if there were any wonderful items in there and wouldn't you know it! I stumbled upon some neat-o vintage Club Aluminum Pots and pan! I really really liked them and at $2 each, it was hard to pass these little gems up! I notified the girlfriend of the find before i spent more money on stuff and we agreed that they would be pretty sweet to have so I picked them up. I love the shiny-ness of the pots, but they didn't come like that at first. They were a bit dirty and blackened when I got them but thanks to the handy dandy internet I was able to determine the best way to clean them up. I boiled some water with high amounts of lemon juice in them to help alleviate the stains on the aluminum and remove any blackened areas and then I gave them a nice hot bath in the sink with more scalding hot water and lots-o-lemon juice. After letting them soak for a while I took out some steel wool and gently scrubbed any remaining troublesome spots. Whallah! they came out nice and shiny!

These pots are in surprisingly good condition considering how old they are and it is unfortunate that they are missing the lids but you know what? I sure don't care! I'm going to use the heck out of these Pots and Pan! I seasoned up the frying pan and it worked wonderfully the other day when i cooked me up an over easy egg. I really like the brown-ness and the cool looking design on the bottom. I wish I could have cleaned the frying pan up a bit more but it was obviously the most used and abused of the bunch but it has a very long life ahead of it in my hands. :) Hit the jump for more pictures!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday and Saturday Thrifts (Passed on some good stuff unfortunately)

This Weekend Has been another hectic weekend! My girlfriend and I moved most of my mid century furniture over to her house for the time being and I packed up loads of my other stuff for the move. I did manage to squeeze some time in for thrifting this weekend and I saw a few things that I liked but unfortunately, I have no more room for anything until I get an apartment or get rid of something. That is unless I find an Eames Chair or something awesome like that! Anyways, hit the jump for more Pictures!