Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Retro Board Games ( Operation & Monopoly)

I stopped at a local resale shop today and found these two little gems. They are both in nearly Mint Condition and I thought they would be really cool to have. They both were only $3 each so I thought why not? Before I bought them I opened them up and saw that most of the pieces were there and without actually counting them all I decided to take a chance on them so I bought them and when I got home I checked to see if all the pieces were indeed in there and they were! Its pretty cool finding old complete board games in such wonderful condition like this. The Operation Game was made in 1965 and the Monopoly game was made in 1961. Hit the Jump for more Pictures.



This Game is a classic. The Box and game board are in excellent condition with extremely minimal signs of wear and tear. I haven't put any batteries in it but I'm fairly certain that it still works. My girlfriend and I may bust this game out later and play it!


All of the pieces are there including 4 rubber-bands for the leg-to-knee bone. Ive very surprised that all of the plastic parts are in there since more often than not they are missing.



I love Monopoly. Although it is a very time consuming game, It is definitely one of the best board games ever made. I'm glad I found this one that is complete and in excellent condition because I will definitely be sure to take care of it and use it too. All of the property, railroad, and utility cards are there as you can see.

There is no damage to anything in this game. All of the money is seemingly there as well as the game pieces, houses, hotels, and dice. I did notice that there are 2 irons though which is a bit odd. The manual is in excellent condition as well as the instruction board.



  1. Very nice finds. I remember many afternoons where the whole neighborhood (kids) got together to play Monopoly tournaments. Some games could go on for days.
    You are right about the operation game. No matter how careful one was those tiny parts seemed to disapear.

    We would love to have you join in the thrift blog hops, Thrift Share Monday, Nifty Thrifty Tuesday, Treasure Hunt Thursday etc. There are at least one (often more) for every day and it draws a lot of traffic.

  2. I never really lived through the board game era but I do have fond memories of playing scrabble and monopoly from time to time since i lacked video games as a child. I still can't believe I found a complete operation game either.

    I would love to join the thrift blog hops! I love going to the thrifts and will gladly join in on that wonderfulness!

  3. That is so cool!

    I did live through the game board era, and always wanted Operation (never got one though). lol I do have my original Monopoly, Parcheesi, and Sorry games. My Monopoly is dated 1970, so younger than the one you found, but I have an affection for it because I've had it for so long. :-)

    I took really good care of my stuff, but those two games are in excellent condition!

  4. Carole - Wow! that's awesome! I always wanted to have a board game night because I thought that would be so cool! Board games are terribly underrated these days I think. I'm still surprised that I found these things in such superb condition! I cant believe it!

  5. Carole - I really like board games and sometimes wish I also grew up in the board game era, but regardless, I have decided to have board game nights when I have my own house! :D

    I'm really surprised that I did find these in such excellent condition! I just couldn't resist!

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