Friday, April 15, 2011

More Melmac + Ekco Flatware (Thrift Store Finds)

So my girlfriend and I went down to Carbondale Il yesterday to look at apartments and the college down there and we decided to stop at the local Goodwill in Marion on the way down there. We were casually strolling through the kitchenware isle and out of the corner of my eye I saw a stack of Orang-y Orangness! I reached over mediately to see what it was. Sure enough, It was more of the "Color Flyte" line by Branchell! I knew I needed to get it and at 50¢ I couldn't pass it up. There was a pretty big stack of dishes there and I noticed some saucers in there so naturally I looked for the mugs that went with them and they were sitting with all of the other glass mugs that were in there. I went and grabbed a cart while my girlfriend watched over our find. We loaded up the cart with everything and then we looked around some more and I found some Mid century Flatware that I instantly fell in love with! I needed them too and at 25¢ I couldn't leave them! As we were about to leave some strange lady came over and asked me if I was buying all of that to donate somewhere. We found that very odd but we said that we were buying them for our apartment and she just said "oh ok." We think that she was wanting to buy the stuff we were getting but we got there first! Hit the jump for more pictures!

Here are all of the Color Flyte dishes that we bought. In total there are 6 side dishes 3 full size plates and 7 saucers for the 7 mugs. I love the colors! Now I need to find some of the lime green ones! Everything was only 50¢ except for the full size plates which were $1 each but I wasn't leaving those there. I think we got a killer deal and we have decided that these kinds of dishes are perfect for apartment living! as long as we don't put them in the microwave. :P

Here are the Mugs that we got. There are 7 of them and these too were only 50¢ each and I had to have them. I know I probably have somewhere in the vicinity of 20+ mugs now but I needed those bright orang-y mugs! My girlfriend says we are not getting any more mugs unless I sell some of the others. That is perfectly fine with me! I could just unload some of the Brown Melmac Mugs I bought a while back! All of the Melmac cost us $16.50 which we both agree was well worth it! We just need more plates.

Also while we were in that Goodwill, We found these fantastic looking Ekco Eterna Canoe knives forks and spoons. I instantly fell in love with these. I love the mid century look and feel of them. They are very good quality and really strong flatware. They were only 25¢ each and well worth every penny. I do find it odd that there are 6 knives 4 forks and 2 spoons. Oh well, I'll be on the lookout for more!

I stopped in the local Salvation Army yesterday and Picked up a full size yellow Melmac Dish by Stetson and it is the same size as the Branchell one's that I mentioned earlier. I figured it would be a good investment for another plate since I only had 3 so I bought it for 60¢

Also In the Salvation, Army, I bought a set of Boonton-Ware salt and pepper shakers. They are similar to Melmac but a different brand and they were only 50¢ each so I bought them. They were a little dirty but I liked them and the cleaned up pretty well. Now I can put them on my Chromcraft Table!


  1. The melon colored Melmac was what my Aunt Bette had - it reminds me of summers staying with her and my cousins. Always make me smile.

  2. I love your orange dishes.
    And the top photo looks like Mickey Mouse!

  3. I had a secret thing for pink Melmac. I almost spent a lot of money on eBay for a big pink Melmac set...

    Then I thought better of it, realized I have a couple sets of dishware and a small third set, and came to my senses... But it's tough to pass those up!

    Well done on the prices. And the flatware. I bought some that has a starburst patten on them like we used to have as kids, and I'm sure we had some like those with the wood-type handles. Beats almost anything you can find today in stores!

  4. DearHelen - Thats awesome! I can't wait to use these in my future apartment! It will always feel like summer in there. :)

    Heidi - I love the orangeness too! And you are right, It does look like Mickey Mouse. :P

    1950's_Atomic - Yea it is tough to pass up some cool colored Melmac. I have a soft spot for the lime green color so If I see some I don't know if I could pass on it. That is my favorite color of the Color Flyte Line but I'm not giving up my orange since I love orange too! And heck yes that flatware is better than anything you can buy today. I think its fun to hunt down things you once used as a kid. It just has a special nostalgic value to it.

  5. You are going to have one hip and cool apartment! You scored some great deals.

  6. I know! I cant wait to finally be able to use all of this in my own apartment! :D