Thursday, April 21, 2011

Help Me Out Readers! Should I go back and buy this?

So I went into my local Salvation army about 30 min ago and saw this Mid Century Looking Coffee Table with Matching End Tables. I think they look very modern but I didn't see and makers marks on them. I have no Idea who made them and I'm not entirely sure how much they are worth! The only info I could find on the coffee table is here.  None of the glass is broken in them and they all have swinging tops on them. I think they look pretty wild but they aren't exactly my taste. I prefer more Mid Century wood coffee tables and end tables but should I get this? I could probably resell it for a lot but I have no Idea where I would put it. Am I missing out on a good deal? Please help me out readers. Hit the Jump for more pictures.





  1. Is 70's chrome and glass furniture something you want? Are you looking to sell it? Price it on eBay.... I've seen these there.

  2. chrome and glass are more of 70' mystyle though..not sure if u like them...ok for resale i guess

  3. C'mon now...not all glass and chrome is from or suggests the '70s (not that there's anything wrong with the '70s!). Take the Eileen Gray E 1027 side table. Glass and chrome, modern design - designed in the '20s. But I'd classify the above set as Contemporary - not vintage. You can find glass and tubular chrome furnishings in just about every era since the '20s. My suggestion (as always) is to only buy what you'd be happy to keep. I think they look cool and are super useful. Buy 'em!

  4. I've always loved chrome especially with black leather furniture. (hmmm...wondering if I was a Biker Babe in a former life) I would snag these up in a heartbeat. I say buy them if you can afford them, use them and after a while if you don't like them, Craigslist/Ebay/Etsy them.

  5. i did not know that chrome and glass design datesback to the ' chrome give a very cold industrial vibe..but if you lvoe the look then nothing wrong with it..

  6. 1950s_Atomic - Not so much really... I prefer some nice wood since it's not so cold as chrome.

    Sudha - Yea I think they would be ok for resale... but they definitely aren't my style.

    Mr. Modtomic - Yea I didn't know that chrome styled furniture went back that far either. I decided not to get it since I didn't really want it and even though I could probably sell it for a good profit I just don't have the time or space right now to try and re-sell it. I'll just let someone else get a good deal on it.

    Krazy - You are right! It would look great with some black leather furniture! sadly though it's not really my style and I don't have any black leather anything lol. I should really have gotten them and sold them but I'm a bit lacking on the time and space at the moment. Maybe once I get an apartment then I will be able to get more stuff to resell.