Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Weeks Thrift Store Finds

Last week I did manage to stop at a few thrift stores. There were some cool things that I wanted but the things I wanted, I didn't have room for or they were too expensive for my liking. I just hit up all the local thrifts to see what they had and even though I didn't buy anything big, I did manage to snag a few more Melmac pieces for cheap! Hit The Jump for more pictures.

I quite liked this Mid Century Looking chair and I almost bought it but luckily my girlfriend talked me out of it. It was only 5 dollars and I thought it would look pretty decent next to my Milo Baughman Chair. Unfortunately, The chair was pretty cheaply made. It was sturdy enough for me and my girlfriend but it was a bit rickety. There also were no makers marks on it other than a faint "IL." Needless to say, we passed on it and I never looked back.

Up next, we have this quite tacky (if you ask me) Broyhill sofa. This is the first 4 person sofa that I can recall ever seeing and it was only $40! I told my girlfriend that we could maybe fit it in the Scion xb jokingly. We didn't get this couch, but I showed my grandma later and she says she should have gotten that one instead of the not so comfortable leather couch she says she paid a small fortune for about a year ago.


Here we have a buffet which is missing the top. I could see a faded outline of where it used to be. This Buffet was only $40 though and I passed since it also had a broken knob on the top drawer. Other than that, it was it pretty decent condition. Just the normal wear and tear. On the back it says it was made by Thomasville Company in 1959.


We stopped back at a not-so-local thrift store where I bought that Chromcraft Chair for $7 and the other 2 were still in there. It  was hard leaving them for a second time, but I didn't need them! So my girlfriend and I left empty handed.


Here is a pretty neat Bookshelf that I liked, but not for $11. It had a great Mid Century Look to it. My girlfriend also liked it because of the slanted shelves on it. She suggested that we could paint it if we did get it but I'm still not too sure about that $11 price tag. It's a little beat up, but if it was $5, I probably would have bought it.


Here is the Melmac that we bought last week! We got one Branchell Divided Dish, One orange Color Flyte Plate to match my Set of Color Flyte, and one no name yellow plate. The divided dish was $1 and both of the plates were 50¢.



  1. LOVE that chair! But like you, I pass up the rickety stuff, it's no fun if nobody can sit on it without fearing for their tailbones!

  2. Hmmm...soooo...where did you say that rickety danish lounge chair was? And uh..the little library bookshelf? Can't be too far from Mr. Mod's stomping grounds. Maybe I can relieve those shops of these items!

  3. nice finds...i m not so cool about sofa which have a skirted look though :(...loved the bookshelf..looks decent for $11..(hmm..i dont seem to be as thrifty as i thgt i was :)

  4. Elementary - I really liked that chair too! It was fairly comfortable but I have so many chairs already and I'm running out of room lol

    Mr. Modtomic - Well the chair was over at the goodwill in Fairview Heights, IL but I highly doubt that it is still in there since its a high traffic goodwill and that was over a week ago that I saw that. As for the Bookshelf, I did end up going back to get it. I found one on eBay in comparable condition for $40 buy-it-now and my gf and I thought it would work great for a school textbook rack. $11 was a bit more than I really wanted to pay but It was still worth it.

    Sudha - Yea I'm not a huge fan of skirted sofas either. (even though I bought that plaid one a last month but thats a different story) Yea I ended up going back and getting that bookshelf shortly after I made this post lol.

  5. Hey Brian, check these out. Look familiar? Not mine, I think Momoderne is selling them.

  6. Hey! Those do look pretty familiar! Maybe I should have picket up that chair for only $5 but oh well... Next time I will be more cautious on what I pass up on.