Saturday, April 2, 2011

Deal of the day (Kroehler Plaid Love Sofa)

So today me and my girlfriend went out thrift storing and cruising the yard sales and we saw some pretty awesome stuff which I have decided to post tomorrow. Instead I will post one thing we bought today. We stopped in the local Salvation Army over in Belleville, Il. We looked around and we noticed this really neat looking plaid love sofa sitting there. I noticed that the love sofa had been marked down from $49.99 to $34.99 to $24.99 down to $12.49. I thought $12.49?!!? That is a steal! And since I like sitting on everything couch and chair related I decided to plop my buttocks down on the love sofa and see how it felt. My buttocks was instantly pleased. It had never before felt a comfort of this magnitude on a love seat! My girlfriend sat on it too and was overwhelmed by the comfort it brought to her buttocks as well. We then decided to get it but there was a small problem. I had driven my small Scion xB to Belleville that day and we weren't sure If it would fit... Hit the jump to read the rest of the story and see more pics of the crammed love sofa into my car!

I thought to myself I know this thing can fit in here. I don't know if you guys have ever seen a Scion xB, but these cars are not very big at all. They look tiny but they are very roomy on the inside. I thought I could fit it in there and so I ran out to my car to measure arm lengths to see if it would fit and I believed it would fit since I had previously fit my Chromcraft Table and Chairs in there. My girlfriend still had doubts that it would fit but I asked the store persons if they had a measuring tape I could borrow. They did and so I checked to dimensions of my car and the couch and confirmed my arm lengthing technique. I knew it would fit! We then proceeded to buy the love sofa and they told me to pull around back. After I pulled around back, the two employees that carried it out started laughing because they thought it wouldn't fit. I assured them it would and that I measured it and so we all worked to cram it in! Sure enough it barely fit in and we were on our way!


This love sofa may not be too Mid century-ish but I still like it and it was a killer deal! Me and my Girlfriend are definitely going to be using this to watch movies on! It is super comfy! Its got a few dings here and there but it is otherwise in really good condition. It's pretty dusty so we are going to vacuum it later and it should be good as new! This love sofa is made by Kroehler which is the same company that made the Buffet that I mentioned the other day. I really like this thing and the plaid-ness is pretty cool to me. Cant beat $12.49!!! What a deal!




  1. It sure looks comfy and what a deal!!

  2. Great plaid color. This is what Pam over at RetroRenovation would call Mid Century Modest. I love when sellers think their item won't fit in the car (Focus Wagon in my case) and then the look on their face when it totally does! That pic of the Love Seat in the back of your Xb is priceless!

  3. Krazy4Mod - It's super duper comfy! I love it!

    Mr. Modtomic - I know! I love the plaid-ness! An thanks for the tip! I'll go check out Retro Renovation! It's fun to push the limits of space in a small car! My next challenge is to fit a full size couch in there when I find one! :D