Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Late Monday News on Tuesday!

Sorry for the late news post but I had a huge pile of homework to do yesterday so I had trouble squeezing it in. Anyways, this weekend was a pretty awesome weekend! I got some cool new furniture for some really great prices and my Girlfriend and I hung out the whole weekend. I would say it was the most fun I've had on a weekend in quite some time! It was truely a blast this weekend except for all of the homework I had to do yesterday. I still can't believe we got that Love Sofa in my car on Saturday. It was a fun weekend. I also cleaned up that Chromcraft chair that I got on Saturday too. It cleaned up pretty nicely. I polished it up and took the back off of it to clean in between the seat and the back and it was really dirty back there but it is good as new now. I also took the crummy wheels off of the bottom so I will need to order some more. I'm thinking about getting some of the wheels that are on my Brown Saarinen style chair for it. I really like those wheels and they work great on carpet. I also haven't been able to go check on those Knoll Chairs I saw last weekend yet. I haven't had time to drive over there and see if they are still there. The store has weird hours that they are open so I'll just have to go on Saturday again. Hit the jump for more!

I hope this week goes pretty well and that I find some more killer deals! I could always go for another Milo Baughman chair or another sweet couch! I really really really want a couch like the one above! It may be a while before I can find one but you never know really! My girlfriend and I are also on the lookout for a piano bench for her so she can sit at her keyboard more comfortably. There is one at a local thrift I saw a week ago so I hope it is still there. We are thinking of reupholstering it as our first reupholster project! We think it will be fun :)


  1. Been looking for a couch or love seat forever =/

    Methinks I will have to buy a new repro... Bah!! I'll never find a cool one like that in the color and condition and price I want lol...

  2. Well u could always get a reproduction one and then when you do stumble across a sweet vintage one that you want you can trade them out! :D