Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Do The News! (4/18/11)

So this weekend was quite exhausting. My dad and I cleaned out a ton of stuff out of my grandma's back barn. There was so much stuff back there that needed to be moved around and thrown away. Luckily It wasn't hot outside so we didn't sweat too much. It's good to get most of that stuff cleared out since it will only get hotter this summer. While we were digging around out there, we found some pretty interesting stuff that I liked such as that RC Cola Grill but I left everything vintage there in the barn for later. I did manage to find my missing box of N64 controllers down there with a couple original Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man Milton Bradley board games in the bottom. I had wondered where those missing items of mine had gone when we moved out here from Virginia. Anyways, we are getting closer to being done with this cleaning project and then we have to move almost everything out of this house so my dad can sell it. This week my girlfriend and I are going to try to move all of my mid century apartment furniture over to her house for the time being till we get an apartment. I'll be sure to snap some pictures of the move! Also check out this sweet 1950's 1960's Western Flyer Tandem Bicycle that is hanging in the rafters in my grandmas barn. My girlfriend and I are going to get it down this summer and clean it up so we can go ride it! That will be fun!



  1. That tandem bike looks great, have fun with it!

  2. That bike looks... like a lot of work!(they aren't as easy to ride as people think and it's up so high)But it's in great shape - looking forward to the report on bringing it down and taking it for a spin.

  3. That bike is awesome. This is like an episode of American Pickers. I'm so jealous you're clearing out an old barn!

  4. Uncle Atom - I'm sure we will have fun! I just hope its easy to get down. My dad says its really heavy.

    DearHelen - It does look like a lot of work! I have to put the missing handle back on it and clean off all of the bird poo. My parents have a really expensive Tandem still in Virginia that the ride quite a bit and they say its pretty hard at first but you get the hang of it after a while. It will look great cleaned up though!

    Rhan Vintage - Ive always wanted to get it down because I think it looks cool but there has been piles of junk under it for years making it impossible to get down. I also get the feeling that I'm on American Pickers! Its fun rooting through piles of junk. Nobody really knew what all was back there until we sorted it out. Just a little more left to go.