Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally Bought a Buffet! (Unloved & Rough)

So yesterday I went out to some thrift stores looking for a piano bench for my girlfriends new keyboard that she bought. I found a perfect one that we are going to repaint and re-upholster. It's not mid century really but I'll still post a detailed rebuild of the piano bench at a later date. While I was out, I spotted this wonderful looking buffet sitting on the outside of a local junk shop. I knew it was beat up and wasn't a name brand buffet but I just fell in love the with way the drawers were designed. I asked the guy how much He wanted for it and he told me $30. I wasn't sure if I wanted it for $30 so I offered him $25 and he said sure. He helped me load it up and I knew my dad wasn't going to be pleased I bought this rough looking buffet. There isn't hardly any room left in the house. Sure enough, he wasn't very happy. I have decided that I will modify this thing for use as a TV stand. It's pretty cheap anyways so no big deal if I drill holes in the back or anything. I may paint it someday but I'm not sure. Maybe some funky colors? I quite like the wood veneer though so I'm not sure. I'f I can't get it looking any better I might have to paint it. Just think of the possibilities! Anyways, Here is my new project! Hit the link for more pics!

This thing definitely has its bumps and scrapes but It needed a good home and I will use it whenever I move out. If I ever find a better one for a great price, I already told my girlfriend that I will be more than willing to part with this one to get the better one. I found one similar to it over on apartment therapy that was $100 and in much better condition so I think I got a good deal on it. You can see that one here. Here it is stuffed into my car. Its a tad bit longer than the Love Sofa I bought last Saturday but It still fit in pretty easily after I unscrewed the legs.


The Buffet isn't too heavy which is probably because it isn't exactly the highest quality. I vacuumed all of the dust out of it but It does smell like smoke which I will have to take care of later. It's not too hard to get rid of a smoky smell. I hate smoke smell so the quicker I get rid of it the better. It looks pretty good from a distance but when u get closer to it you can see its flaws.


You can see the chips and scratches on the bottom corner and the top has some stains and scratches on it but I think I can make those disappear with a little elbow grease. We will see how that pans out.


Here you can see the most notable damage. All of the legs have a fair bit of damage to them but this one is the worst. I think I can sand them down and re-stain them to bring back its former glory. The other terrible part on it is that it is missing quite a large chunk of veneer on the front right of the buffet. I may just replace that whole strip. That shouldn't be too hard but we will see. This is why I think it might be better to just paint it. If I can fix it for cheap I'll just do that though.


The drawers are pretty nice but there are a few nicks on them. I think I can cover them up with a bit of stain though and the back is just some cheap board that I could drill through to put wires for a TV in. the possibilities are endless! I can't wait until I can modify this thing to my likings! It will look pretty cool as a TV stand so I'm pretty sure that will be its future use unless I find a better one like that Kroehler Buffet.



  1. A lot of potential. The style is really cool. I'd probably paint it but then I have no patience and would want to see it done up as soon as possible.

  2. Yea I'm leaning more towards painting it... I think that would be a much better option and I can used wood putty to fill in any missing chunks before I paint it. I think it would look great painted with a glossy coat.

  3. Paint the "body" a cool glossy white or orange but leave the drawer faces natural wood. It'll look great! Check out Design*Sponge for ideas. BTW, it's not a buffet but a nine drawer chest of drawers. You'll figure out all these names eventually. There is probably a more specific name for this type of dresser too, but I don't know it off hand. You did good! Look on the Chicago craigslist for what these go for up there!

  4. Very nice! I'm sure it will look great whether you paint it or keep it natural.

  5. I never paint anything unless it's complete junk. Like the late 60's early 70's Colonial Revival crappy small dresser I got about 20 years ago which was an ugly dark stained wood, poor construction, and did not match anything I had, nor did it look "mid-century". That I painted recently (already showed pics on my blog), and the shelves I had bought about 10 years ago.

    Otherwise I wouldn't touch it with paint, but that's just me. =)

  6. That is the nice thing about a piece that is not have the freedom to either restore it or take it in a whole new direction...without guilt :-)

  7. Mr. Modtomic - Yea I was thinking about painting the body white but now that you mention orange that might also look really good. I was also thinking about painting the drawers and the legs a different color but I might just put some touch up stain on the missing chips on the drawers to keep them looking natural wood. Thanks for the info! I'm sure I will figure all of these names out eventually :) I thought I did good too but my dad thinks otherwise lol.

    Krazy4Mod - Yea I think it will amazing after I paint it! I can keep the best of both worlds if I just paint the body and leave the drawers the way they are like Mr. Modtomic suggested.

    1950sAtomicRanch - Yea this think is pretty junky. I would never paint anything really valuable like my Milo Baughman chair. This dresser is pretty beat up so I think it would be best to paint it.

    MovieMag46 - I know! I'm excited to be able to sand this thing down and paint it up! It will be great to not have any guilt painting this thing!

  8. I found a dresser quite similar to that. This is what I did with mine, sorry the picture isn't the greatest quality, but you get the general idea.