Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday News Update! (Discovery)

So this weekend was super hectic! On Saturday and Sunday we worked to clean out the part of my Grandmas back barn that hadn't been cleaned in years! My grandpa was really a pack-rat and he really didn't like to throw anything away or get rid of anything really. I find that a bit odd since he had an antique shop for as long as I can remember but he never really sold much. As we were clearing out the back barn for the first time, We unearthed many things that I liked. My grandpa really liked the Victorian era furniture the most so there isn't really any Mid Century goodness that I knew about. As we went through the piles of just I discovered some long lost Bascal Aluminum cups and Emson-Ware Aluminum cups that were left in a barrel since 1975! I thought it was pretty cool to find those things! It's hard to believe they were in there for that long. At least thats what the date on the newspaper was when we unwrapped them. It was a pretty cool experience finding those things. I will post them on Thursday when I do my personal item day. I really like the colors of the Bascal Aluminum cups. Hit the jump for more news!

While we were cleaning out the back barn, we found a pretty cool Mid Century Portable oragan that I think looks wonderful! We couldn't get it to work and I can't remember the name that was on the front but It had all four legs and even thought we couldn't get it to work I still thought it was brilliant looking. I liked it quite a bit. The only problem was that there was years of bird poop on part of the top since birds used to make nests in that barn. I will take pictures of it next time I'm down there and I'll also be sure to snap some pictures of what I found.

I also didn't manage to go back to the place that had those Saarinen Knoll chairs because I had to help my dad and grandma out but I will try to head up there next Saturday If my schedule permits. I really hope they are still there and are cheap!


  1. great that you found some vintage stuff :)

  2. How fun to dig through your family collection!

  3. Sudha - I love finding vintage stuff! especially if my grandma gives it to me for free :D

    Rhan - Its loads of fun! You never know what you will find!