Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fabulous Fiesta-Mania!

So this weekend has been really very busy. My dad and I continued to clean out the Back barn at my grandmas and I packed up loads of stuff and moved some of my apartment stuff over to my girlfriends house for the time being to free up some space. Sorry for the missed posts the last couple of days but It's been super busy for me lately. Also, My Birthday was yesterday :)

Anyways, while we were cleaning out the barn, my dad and grandma said that there was a bunch of Fiesta-ware in boxes toward the back. after much and much cleaning we stumbled upon the glorious boxes of Fiesta-ware that had been sitting in the boxes since 1988! This Fiesta-ware is the real deal! All of the stuff in the boxes was the pre-1986 Fiesta-ware. My grandma only collected the originals. There was so much in the boxes  that i was just in shock. It was amazing to go through all of the boxes and unwrap the pieces from the old newspaper. The boxes were just trashed from the years of being down there and surprisingly, none of the Fiesta-ware was broken! I didn't count how many pieces were actually in there but I would guess around 350 pieces just out of the boxes. If you are familiar with Fiesta-ware, you would know that it is quite expensive stuff and I can see why! If I'm lucky, My grandma may let me have most of it! My favorite colors out of the whole lot would be the Turquoise, Light Green, Light Blue, and The famous Radioactive Orange. NONE of this is for sale. Hit the Jump for more info and pics!


Here is the whole lot of Fiesta. This stuff it so cool! I love all of the colors and I would love to have this on display somewhere and not all wrapped up and stored in boxes! This is some of the most beautiful dinnerware ever made and It needs to be seen! In these Pictures you can see one of the famous "Radioactive Red-Orange" Bowls which I really love. The color is incredibly vibrant. I also like the little sugar and creamer sets in the pictures too.


As you can see, there are a lot of pieces here and there are some very rare ones in the bunch like that divided dish in the corner which is really hard to find. They only made these from 1936-1937 and haven't made them since. I really love those light green (Chartreuse)  vessels down there. I presume they are for gravy and something else but I'm not sure. I love all of these colors!


There are also some really hard to find demitasse cups with the matching saucers. Also there is a lot of pink and gray in there. The light green is pretty cool to look at as well as the orange and light blue.


My Grandma really liked to collect the pink and gray colors. Those were her favorites. She even has a whole entire cabinet of just pink and gray sitting in the kitchen on display. I will post pictures of that set later. She has a bunch of really rare Pink and Gray Fiesta-ware in there.


Here is a pretty interesting Item that was my grandma had sitting somewhere else in the house. This too is Fiesta-ware but it didn't come from the factory that way. Someone had drilled holes in the different sized Pink Plates and made and snack tray out of them. This truly is a one of a kind piece. Wouldn't the pink and light blue and Light green mesh really well on display together? I really would like to have this whole set one day! That would be amazing! I would never sell it and I would greatly appreciate it for the rest of my life!


Here are all of the old newspapers and boxes that held the Fiesta-ware on my grandma's back deck. That is a lot of trash! We burned all of the old paper in the burn barrel as well as all of the other dead bugs and ants that were in those boxes.



  1. Dude! Holy shi....crap! That is a LOAD of Fiesta! I'm chartreuse with envy! So what's the story with the clean out? Are you guys just trying to find out what's what? Setting up for a sale? Re-organizing? You've been unearthing some really great treasures. Make sure you keep us updated on what the folks let you keep!

  2. happy bday! and WOw what a find :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! WOW! That is the mother lode of Fiesta. I hope your Grandma gives it to you. I have a feeling you're going to need a BIG apartment.

  4. Mr. Modtomic - I'm Chartreuse with envy too! Well we decided to clean it out because there were vast piles of junk in there that my grandpa accumulated for years and since my dad got a new job, he has to move stuff in that barn for temporary storage so we cleaned it out. I'll be sure to keep u guys updated for sure!

    Sudha - Thank you and I'm still in shock too.

    Krazy4Mod - Thanks! It really is the mother load of Fiesta! Yea I hope so too, but If not then no big deal. I really am going to need a huge apartment for all of this stuff!

  5. I haven't even seen that much Fantastic Fiesta on a table at a flea market! WOW! Love the turquoise! And happy belated birthday.

  6. I've never seen that much Fiesta before either! I wasn't even born until 1990 so most of that was packed away before I was born! I absolutely love all of the Fiesta colors!

  7. Those are the real colors. No offense to anyone, but the colors on the Fiesta of today does absolutely nothing for me. :-/

    What a fabulous collection.

    Happy belated b-day.

  8. I really do love the original colors the best. They are just so vibrant! especially the radioactive reddish-orange color. Gotta love original fabulous Fiesta!

  9. GOOD LORD! When my Grandparents got married in 1955 they got 3 sets of dishes for their wedding. A Full dinner set for in "Desert Sand" Brown Frankoma (The good China). A Full set of "Malibu Modern" (The Mothers China. Which my Grandmother SWEARS is Fiesta ware, but its acutally a knock off of a knock off...) and a full set of "Stubenville" dishes with these pink and light blue flowers on them for everyday eating. all of that put together I dont think would even compare with 350 pieces of Fiesta! haha