Thursday, April 14, 2011

Treasure Hunting in My Grandma's Barn (Bascal and Emson-Ware)

Last weekend, My dad and I went to my grandmas to help clear out the piles of junk the my Grandpa had accumulated over his lifetime so that we can use that space as moving storage. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday cleaning out nearly one whole wall in the barn and as we were going through the junk I found some neat-o  Aluminum cups! We opened an old barrel that had been there for who knows how long to see what was in there and there were some old glass coffee pots but as we dug deeper, I saw these fantastic Aluminum cups in there! They looked much like the ones I already had but I also noticed 3 mugs that I had never seen before! The aluminum cups are all Bascal except for the silver one which bears no makers mark and the aluminum mugs are made by a company called  "Emson-Ware." Hit the Jump for more pictures.


Here are the Bascal Aluminum cups that I found. I really like these cups but the develop heavy condensation when you put cold drinks in them which kind of a downside and they also get pretty cold when there is a cold drink in them. With these 8 Bascal Cups My collection of them is not up to 19. I will have to post the other ones another day because I have a bunch of other colors. These are just the ones I found in my grandmas barn.


Here are the really unusual aluminum cups. I've never seen these before. I really like them too! I would definitely prefer using these over the Bascal because these have handles on them so that the condensation wouldn't be too much of a problem. I think these things are fantastic! They are made by Emson-Ware and are seemingly uncommon. I love them! :D




  1. I so love aluminium cups. My grandma used to have a set when I was a kid and they seemed to keep the drinks so much cooler. I still long for a decent set of these.

  2. I love aluminum cups too! It's great to find these in my grandmas barn especially since when I see them elsewhere they tend to be a bit on the expensive side! And I agree, they do seem to keep the drinks colder... as well as your hand :P

  3. I found a set of 7 of these cups at a local goodwill for 5$. I remember as a kid drinking out of these at my Nana's house. Pretty cool to find!