Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Wright Treasure (Fantastic Store!)

Welcome to The Wright Treasure! It is owned and run by Lisa Hughes. I went to this amazing store yesterday that I had never been to before! This place was so cool! I've driven past it so many times and yet I never knew it was there. My girlfriend pointed it out to me last week so I decided to stop and see what it was all about. Man was I in for a surprise! I walked in there and saw so many awesome things in there that I wanted to buy! I may go back and get a few things when my girlfriend has her next weekend off. This place was so cool and the lady in there was super nice! We talked for over an hour about all sorts of Mid Century items that she had in there and that she used to work near my old home town in Virginia. She was pretty ecstatic that someone from my generation has found a love with all of this Mid Century Goodness! She even gave me her card and told me she would call me If she found any really cool Mid Century Items at any auctions she goes too! I forgot to take a picture of the front of the building but Hit the jump for more pictures!

Take a look at this awesome chair and foot rest! I'm loving them both! Lisa told me that a lot of people have been eyeing that chair and that a bunch of people in her family wanted it but she couldn't give it to them all so she decided to just put it in her shop. I really wanted to but that chair but I'm afraid my dad would kill me if I brought home another chair. I was contemplating getting that foot rest too but I need to save my pennies for college! The chair was $30 and the Foot Rest was $15. Pretty good deals!


As soon as I walked into the store I saw this wonderful looking Philco Record player! I didn't know what ti was exactly until Lisa lifted the top and showed me. This thing is in nearly perfect shape and I loved it. I think it would look stunning with an old Predicta TV sitting on top of it. Lisa said that would be awesome too and said she will have to look for one now. She said she would sell it for $40 but it doesnt work. I really love the knobs on the inside of this thing and the front speaker fabric was perfect!


Here is a gold mid century end table that is pretty cool looking. It was a pair of them for only $30 but I would rather have a nice pair wood ones for my couch. I also saw this nice set of vintage glasses and a pitcher on top of one of the end tables. I didn't catch the price.


Here is a pretty cool Mid century corner table that I quite liked. I don't know how much she wanted for it but I'm sure it wasn't much! I also liked this pinkish Chromcraft Dinette set! It's pretty cool looking and I liked the copper and chrome trim on it. It was only $60 and well worth it!


I really liked this Green Ottoman! This thing is pretty cool and it was only $5 which is pretty decent. I might have to go back and get it. I also really liked this wood magazine rack and I wanted to get it but I need to save my pennies! It was only $10 though which is really tempting and it would have been so awesome sitting next to my Milo Baughman chair!


Check out this cool Mid Century Zenith Record player! I love it and I also liked this little side board that she had it there. It was only $25 which is a pretty good price!


Here are a couple of lamps that I saw in there that I liked the black one was $50 and I didn't catch the price on the other one but I thought it looked pretty 50s.



  1. Those are some amazing finds and I think her pricing is really good for a retail shop. I would have to "scoop" up that scoop chair especially for the price.

  2. It's so painful to see what great prices some of you have in other parts of the US.

    How many times I have I said that on your blog???! lol....

  3. Krazy4Mod - I know! I wanted to buy so much! I can't wait to go back with my girlfriend! We might get some things! :D I was really diggin that chair!

    1950s_Atomic - I bet it is painful! I just wish I had more moolah to buy these wonderful items! It's nice living in the Midwest sometimes where you can find wonderful things for great prices!

  4. Love love love those scoop chairs. I've been searching for my own for quite some time. Great find! And I always love the little ottomans.

  5. I love those scoop chairs too! They are really comfortable! They would make a great reading chair! :D I also have a soft spot for vintage ottomans!