Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrift Store Friday! (4/8/11)

I went and hit up the local thrift stores today during my lunch hour but I din't see much. I saw a few notable things but I didn't get anything today. I bought a lamp and some more Melmac Dishes earlier on in the week that I'm posting here today. Other than that there just wasn't much this week. Hit the jump for more pictures!

Here we have a pretty cool looking retro end table with the "Hairpin Legs" maybe I should have bought it? But I decided not to since I don't really have to room anywhere and I want a better pair of end tables for my Love Sofa! Also sitting next to it was this cheap brass colored umbrella rack which I also quite liked but I decided to pass on since I didn't need it. The table was $5 and the Rack was $4.


Here is another two tier end table which i quite liked too. I didn't really want this one though since it wasn't real wood and it was wobbly so I passed on it. It was only $7.


Here are the Melmac dishes that I bought. I paid  50¢ for all of them and there are 5 saucers and 4 small plates but I can use them all as small plates. I absolutely love the colors! I think I'm going to just buy up as much Melmac Brand stuff as I can! It's super cheap and great for a college kid! Only down side is that they can't be microwaved... oh well. These particular ones are part of the "Color Flyte" line by Branchell.


Here is another cool find I got! It is what appears to be a small mid century desk lamp. I really like this one and I only paid $1 for it! It works great too! I love this little lamp! Its made by a company called "Tensor" and the name of this particular lamp is "Monitor." What a cool find!



  1. My everyday dishes are Colorflyte, and I just love them!

  2. Hmmmm. Shoulda bought the hairpin leg table. I NEVER pass up cheap hairpin legs! Look at what they go for on eBay and at TFA.

  3. Yep - it's the things you leave that haunt you. OoooOoOooOOooo the ghost of bargains past is coming to pay you a visit over that hairpin table.

  4. moviemag46 - Really? Thats awesome! The colors are fantastic!

    Mr. Modtomic - I know! I looked them up later in the day and realized I should have bought it so I went back and sure enough it was gone :( Oh well, next time I won't pass one one.

    DearHelen - Haha I know! I hate passing up on something like that only to find out I should have bought it. I'm not going to worry too much about it though. I'm sure I will find more. I'm just glad I didn't pass up on that Milo Baughman chair I bought a while back.!

  5. You did good anyway. That little lamp is pretty cool!

  6. Wow, those hairpins legs alone could have netted you a minimum of $50 - $100 on eBay ;)

  7. Don't feel bad tho, I've missed so many deals myself it's not funny lol......

  8. wow! cool lamp..and yes i totally understand what you mean about the decision to pass something up!...lack of space in my tiny one bedroom apartment makes me do that so many times: )

  9. Mr. Modtomic - Thanks! I really like this little lap so I'm going to use it as a night stand lamp! :D

    1950s_Atomic - I know I realized that after it was too late :( It's not so fun missing out on killer deals!

    Sudha - Yea that lamp was a sweet deal! Yea I hate not having very much space at all. When I move out of my parents house then I will have lots more space to fill with awesome things! Then maybe I won't have to pass on stuff due to lack of space!