Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Around The Interwebs! (4/5/11)

Welcome to Around the Interwebs! Now I don't usually make 2 posts in one day, but due to my late Monday news post I feel obligated to not push back my Tuesday post. Today I have a few pretty neat things from around the internet to show you!  I wish I could afford some of theses things but someday I may be able to! Hit the jump for the Craigslist ad and the eBay ad!

Blog of the Day

Welcome to The Fabulous Find. This blog rocks! They are located all the way up in Canada and man do I wish I could go visit this place! They specialize in everything Mid Century Modern and I love it all! There are several pieces that I would absolutely love to own but they are all a bit out of my price range. Hopefully I will be able to snag some similar items over the years if I am lucky. But for now I can just window shop and drool! I highly recommend checking this place out!

eBay ad of the day

Here we have a pretty sweet looking Kindt Larsen styled Danish Lounge chair. This think looks fantastic! It bears a striking resemblance to my Milo Baughman chair. I love the look of these kinds of chairs and this one looks flawless! Not much info on this one but the starting bid is $99.99 and it is located in Southern California. I would very much like to find a chair like this to go with my Milo Baughman Lounger!

Craigslist Ad of the Day

Here we have a pretty sweet pair of Mid Century Sofas located in Chesapeake Virginia. These things are really cool looking I think and they are pretty reasonably priced! One of them has a fairly noticeable tear in it and it is for sale for $160 and the other one is nearly perfect and costs $240. If you were to buy both that is only $400! Not bad at all but I would probably just buy the one with the tear since it is cheaper and I would use it and cause wear anyways.

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