Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Finds! (Pretty sweet stuff!)

Welcome my readers! Here I bring to you all of the wonderful things my girlfriend and I saw while we were out on our escapades on Saturday. We saw some pretty awesome stuff that I would have liked to have but due to the love sofa we had crammed in the Scion yesterday we were a bit lacking in space. I did manage to snag up another Chromcraft chair at a thrift store. but that was about all we could fit in the car. I t was a pretty fun weekend and we had quite a blast finding all these things. Sorry for the not so great pictures, I forgot to bring my camera so I used my cellphone. Hit the jump for more pictures!

Here we have a pretty cool looking "B. Brody Seating Co." table and chairs. I liked the way they looked and I really liked the faux wood table! I really liked this set but my Chromcraft table and chairs is much better quality. The chairs here were pretty cheaply made but that table was so awesome looking! The table was $75 and the chairs were $15 each. Too much.


Here is a pretty neat looking chair. I liked this one. It was more yellow than it looks in the pictures but I liked it and it was pretty comfortable. It was only $10 and I wanted it but there were no makers tags on it so I left it. This chair was at the same place we bought the Love Sofa. We opted for the sofa instead. There wasn't any room left in the car. 


Here are the Chromcraft chairs I saw. i really wanted to get them all. My girlfriend talked me out of 2 of them but I got the best looking one. The other 2 were pretty beat up and I didn't feel like re-upholstering them. The one I bought has 2 broken wheels which you can see in the picture but Those are easy to replace. The vinyl is in a lot better condition than the other 2 were. I paid $5 for the chair! What a deal! I love it! :D




  1. I know! that table is so brilliant looking! I wish I could have put my Chromcraft table bottom on that one! :D

  2. brilliant buy...i was just looking at some pretty neat sets on my local craigslist...a bit pricey though ..yours is a neat find!

  3. Yea! I was stoked to get that one black Chromcraft chair! That thing was a great deal! I really need to clean it up though. Yea I also noticed that those kinds of sets are a bit pricey on craigslist too :/