Friday, May 13, 2011

A Mr. Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin (Spotted out in the wild)

I stopped at the St. Clair Antique Mall again about a week ago and too my surprise I spotted this fantastic looking Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin lounge chair in there! It most definitely wasn't in there last time. This one is in pretty decent condition but not nearly as good condition as my 100% original Yellow Milo Baughman chair that I bought a couple months ago for $20.  This one is in a black vinyl and it was a little beat up on the back but it was definitely a usable chair. The wood on this one was a bit more worn than mine but all in all this black one was in pretty decent shape. I was pretty stunned to see another Milo Baughman chair in person so soon to me buying mine. This one makes me want to keep mine even more! I definitely prefer mine over this one. Mine has a much more cozy feeling than the black leather one I think. The burnt yellow colored wool fabric on mine is superb and I can't get enough of it! The one thing that blew me away with this black one was that it was a whopping $1200. I was stunned since I only paid $20 for mine. Man was I lucky! Click "read more" for more pictures. I was in a rush so I only snapped a couple.

Here is the chair and as you can see, the wood is a bit more worn and slightly dinged up. Mine is in a bit better condition. Is the $1200 price tag justifiable though? Not for me it isn't! I love my Milo Baughman chair and would take mine over this one any day! I still do have a soft spot in my heart for this chair though even at its crazy price. I liked how there was a sign that said "do not sit" posted on it. I totally would have sat in it if there was no sign.

I apologize for this blurry pic. I don't know why I have trouble taking pictures of tags... I guess I just need to practice taking pictures of tags more with my camera. As you can see though, the tag does actually say $1200. I would say that is the maximum worth of a Milo Baughman chair around here. 



  1. I think this seller might be drinking the "1st Dibs Coolaid"! All too often, sellers figure out that they've "got sumthin" and hit the interwebs with their lil' bit of knowledge. They immediately find a couple websites like 1st Dibs or a few auction house lists and think they are gonna get the prices they see on these sites. I've got two words for these people; It ain't gonna happen! They'll be doing REALLY good to get a quarter of that asking price.

    Anyway, dag...I gotta get out to St. Clair and look around once in a while!

  2. Haha! yea I think they really are. This is an insane price for this and I probably guarantee that it will be there for a very very long time. Especially since there isn't a huge demand for Mid century around here like there is in California. I wouldn't even pay a quarter of that asking price.